Saturday, May 05, 2007


So bed is looking like a good idea...

Can't imagine why. Yet another insanely early bike ride, this time into the Community ride in town. Up at 5.00, left on the bike at 5.35 when only tinges of light were beginning to tickle the dark sky. Fifty minutes from home to the city square. (Beautiful sunrise over the ocean! - "Morning people" have been trying to tell me for years about the worth of seeing glorious sunrises, but I've never been a believer. Maybe I'm becoming a bit of a convert. Maybe. Sort of. Kinda.) It felt warmer still today, so stripped off the thermals before setting off with the group. Rode up a level in "A" group, which was faster and a bit further, so we totalled 87 km by the time we got home again. No bloody wonder I'm a bit weary. Before leaving for home we chatted with other riders over coffee, and quite enjoyed it; the only reason we left - almost 9am - was because we had to get home to get the girls to netball by 10.00.

The reason I am really weary, actually, is then spending 5 hours 'womanning" the canteen and clubhouse. I am so over it. Truly I am. I know I've whinged before, but I'm doing it again, and probably will every Saturday between now and the end of the season. You've been warned! I'm tired of feeling obliged to be there for so long. Get yourself on a committee because of your conscience, and it's like the Hotel California.. Worse.. it's all but impossible to check out.

Tomorrow is more netball. The girls have a rep carnival so an early start (though there are worse ones for carnivals that are further away.) We are going to watch this time - or rather I will watch. Zoe will have to 'hang' at the carnival, and Marc is continuing north to meet the guy he is buying his road bike from (eBay) at Byron Bay. By coincidence, this week in the issue of Australian Cyclist magazine that arrived there was a Wanted ad for a tag-a-long bike - by people who live north west of here, and not far from Byron Bay. So Marc is taking our trail-a-bike up and meeting the potential buyers at Byron as well. If they decide to buy it we'll be $200 better off, and have a bit more space in the shed. (It'll pay for a quarter of his new bike!)

Watching netball all day is not top of my wishlist of fav things to do on a weekend (*gasp! shock!horror!*) but it's just what you do if that's what your kids do. Have watched a fair bit of rep netball over the past couple of years - this is Cait's third year - and Ali's first. Will either have twice as much to watch if they are on alternate timeslots, or will be torn between who to watch if they are on at the same time.

So bed is beckoning. Though I feel compelled to watch the last quarter of the footy - the AFL would you believe, despite being NSW born and bred. (and I include this only for the benefit of my newer Aussie blog acquaintances who don't know these things about me yet. Australians will know that NSW and Queensland are traditionally Rugby League territory, while the rest of the country is 'Aussie Rules'. Yet despite being New South Welshmen through and through, we are converts to the game they play south of the border (and over west and yonder).. but of course we couldn't be anything but Sydney Swans supporters, (could we Jebus!?)

[And so they started out crap and were losing most of the game. Of course they are doing the usual Sydney thing and making it look like they could actually storm back and snatch victory. (As I am typing they have reeled it in to just 4 points, but blown back out to 16 again, and won't make it. This time.) I have yet to learn how to be a truly dedicated footy supporter (not having been brought up following any code of footy - this is the first team of any variety I have actually "supported") I still need to learn how to be patient enough to stick with them through till the final siren, cos you just never never know, do you?! By god, you have to be patient with Sydney though...because so often they make it so hard for themselves.)

So enough of the footy lessons - because most of the rest of the world really couldn't give a damn. And bed. And into some more barracking and supporting tomorrow. Huzzah.

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I'm impressed by your energy!
I was at a 30th so couldn't go to the match. Bloody Swans will be the death of me - I still have heart palpirtations when thinking of the last two grand finals. I'm going next week though - you guys should come and visit me in Melbourne and we can go to a match one day.

Would the girls be all that disappointed if you gave up serving at the canteen and maybe even serving on the committee?
I am tired just reading what you did - don't do netball (and your post is making this seem like a good lifestyle decision for the long term!) but know the committee and volunteer hours and tensions required.
87 something kilometres!!!!! Go you! You continue to step it up and be a source of inspiration.
BTW...Go Power :)
Suebob.. ta, I'm kind of 'impressed' with myself in a 'my god, am I really doing this' kind of way - though I'm not sure how much of it is 'energy', and how much is insanity!

hey, I knew I'd milk a comment out of you jebus. Should get to Melbourne some day, huh, though we have managed to go to two matches in Sydney, where at least it is a home crowd! Melbourne crowds are very rude the way they boo all the time!

It's not the girls that make me feel obliged to stay involved in the netball committee.. it's the rest of the committee. As is usual, it's the handful of people, so if you pulled the pin you'd feel like you were letting them down. It's not just netball, it's any committee really.. and it's the sort of thing that you feel compelled to do because your kids are reaping the benefit of someone else volunteering their time.

So, strauss, now I have another friend supporting another team... this makes it hard! Got Libby having been a Carlton girl all her life. And another net-mate being a Dockers girl. So I have room in my heart to allow them to beat everyone else other than my Swannies. It's really only Brisbane (courtesy of the traditional NSW-QLD rugby league rivalry AND Jason Ackermanis) that I'd be happy seeing as eternal wooden spooners!! ;)

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