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Call me square. Call me a square peg in a round hole. Today I felt like both. (So I hope that is of some comfort to Jeanie and friends today.)

At 44 years, I'm certainly less naive than I was at 20 (when I was told by someone I was "so straight it stuck out a mile"!) but I guess on the scale of 'worldly wise' I must still rate pretty low. I'm not that much of a prude that I'm reticent to discuss things that are a bit personal. Medically that is. I don't mind medical stuff, as you know if you have had the misfortune of reading my blog on any sort of regular basis - like every month, when I suppose, to some, I cross the line with my moaning and groaning about what my body is dishing out to me in increasingly annoying and painful doses.

But, you know, I don't actually want or need to know about slang terms for women's 'parts'..(what in god's name got them on to that topic?!) and other, um.. sex related .. um.. slang... and then to have the conversation travel, jocularly, into using those ...terms... in regard to their own sex lives. I don't want to know what they've DONE, or what they've SAID in the bedroom. Seriously. I don't need to know. I don't WANT to know! Did I ask to know? No! (If I hadn't been driving I would have stuck my hands over my ears and done the proverbial "la la la la la can't hear you la la la la")

But I was stuck with it - in MY car! And I suspect I'm going to hear more of it before this tennis comp season is over. And to think part of the reason I decided to play comp tennis was to get out more, and be a bit social.

And there I was worrying that they'd talk about cleaning!

And then the other conversation-du-jour was a woman in the other team holding court over lunch about her annual overseas trips (3 month durations, thankyouverymuch), and about how they partied and danced all night, and there were all these other "boring" people who didn't. She was almost 60, so you couldn't help but be mildly impressed by her stamina (and wealth), but, ho hum, noone else could get a word in!! Even if I could have, by nature I would have fit her definition of boring, so what could I have added to the conversation?

But the tennis? Yeah, well. Very rusty as expected. First set was hilarious - we would have been lucky to have won 6 points in the 6-0 flogging. Got 3 games off them next set.. then with a change of partner, I actually won a set, and played OK. The wheels fell off again in the last set with another partner change.

At least it was nice weather. Even if I did come home with a headache. And even if I did have my lovely eldest two fighting over one not offering to make enough banana smoothie for the other one. And then have to rearrange the 'taxi' schedule because Marc suddenly decided to go to the City vs Country Rugby League match which is being held for the first time ever locally, so I had to hang in town for an hour instead of having him bring daughter home from rep netball fitness training (aquarobics)... and so BUGGER it, go to the bloody football then, at least I won't have to figure out how to prepare a 'decent' dinner at home while I'm not at home. So I bought the kids and me dinner in town.. meat pies for two, quiche for me (and one brought home for Cait), hot chips, and then couldn't be stuffed being 'good' and making salad when we got home.

So maybe an early night is in order... And in the spirit of TMI, I can tell you that I'll be telling the gyno next week that she can keep her bloody Ponstan scripts, because Naprogesic seems to have held the cramping at bay today - (love the promotion on that website Naprogesic peoples!) - Oh Sweet Relief! because I was dreading 'this time' after last time. My abdomen is so bloated! - I feel like I am cradling a few months' pregnant belly (Perish that thought!) This is a 'latest thing' that I could cheerfully do without. (Something tells me that, though, that given my 'stage of life', worse could be to come before it gets 'better')

Bed? Sleep? What a good idea.

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Oh Trace - poor you. There is nothing worse than being held by circumstance in a conversation you want no part of.

There is a saying up here that fits in very well when people are talking about stuff you know jack sh-- about - or don't want to - and that is to say, quite breezily "So, how about them Broncos?"

Glad to hear that the Naprogesics are working - BTW - we're almost in synch lol!
have never really fit in when it comes to larger groups of women so I don't make a habit of it. i tend to blend in with the furniture.
I can't stand sex talk amongst women. It makes me very uncomfortable. I'll talk in general terms, but whatever we did last night- no no. What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom.

I'm like Shishyboo where groups are concerned. Give me one other woman, maybe two, and that's all I can handle without going catatonic.
Yes I am like the rest of you too. A couple of close girl friends- tops. I most HATED functin is hubby's work do's in Australia. I NEVER fit in with the lar-dee-dah set, all they seem to do it talk about their accomplishments/lifestyle like it is a effing competition. I am not a competitive person. Oh, Tracey, I feel for you with those women, I have been there and sat through that, I am shuddering at the long drawn out memories.NOOOooooo!
Jeanie! LOL.. 'cept that the Broncos are the enemy from where I come from. Mind you, my mum, visiting friends in Queensland some years ago achieved a huge conversation stopper.. clanger.. when the topic was footy (of which she knows nothing). "Who's Wally Lewis?" she asked. LOL... Can you imagine?!! The funniest thing was she wasn't razzing them up, she was dead serious.

Yeah, I'm really not a group person.. I'm much better with only a couple of people. Mind you, in the car there was only the four of us. One in particular is reknowned as a talker... The one who seems to start the slightly risque stuff is a midwife... I don't know if that is what makes her so knowledgeable about all 'that' sort of stuff.

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