Sunday, June 24, 2007


Not drowning, waving

Last post was 5 days ago. I must have been busy!

Pity I can't say that in that record number of days of no blog posts I have at least spring cleaned the house from top to bottom. Not a chance. Though the next few days really should comprise something along those lines, because things are becoming truly horrific in the domestic stakes. I'm beginning to wonder if the only solution would be to move house - it may be the only thing that would force the issue. (In fact, perhaps the fact that this is the longest I've lived in any house (since I 'moved out of home') has something to do with the accumulation of crap... and grime.)

However.. not here to talk about housework. Not here to talk about anything of particular interest - as is the norm anyway. But at least I have proved to myself that I can skip a few days of blogging and survive to tell the tale.

So, happily I've done the usual exercise - weights, tennis, swimming, and the insane early Saturday morning bike ride that leaves me feeling clagged out the rest of the weekend but I love doing it all the same. I took Zoe to a schools district public speaking competition on Friday morning. I went out for dinner on Friday after swimming - a girls' night out for someone's birthday.. all the while thinking I am such a boring old fart these days because I really had to talk myself into going, and, really, in the end I would have been happier being at home anyway. I used my early rising to excuse myself from partying on up at the local pub. Because I don't party very well anyway.

I've decided I'm more than 'over' the netball committee stuff, but will have to endure till I don't stand again as secretary for the AGM in September (I think, please let it be September... hell, I'm only the secretary, why would I know when the AGM is?) I went up to the courts on Saturday even later than usual, escaped the clubhouse and watched some of the netball for a change, only did one hour in the canteen, and then left.

Yesterday I made Moussaka using lean, freshly minced lamb fillet, and it was yum. (And we even got Caitlin to eat eggplant!) But I nearly burnt the house down in the process, because I did the old 'heat the oil in the pan - start to chop onions - get distracted' trick. Lucky I saw the flames in the saucepan quicker than I did around 10 years ago when I charcoaled my nice new kitchen tiles. (In my old house. Well... old new house. It was new because we just built it, but it's no longer my house, so it's my old house. I don't have a nice new kitchen in this house....) But yes, I set fire to the oil, and I've done it before. This time it was because I was trying to be a good mother by helping daughter with notes she'd started for a school project. Instead of fobbing her off like I would normally do, and probably should have done. While I had oil heating on the stove anyway. I still have black marks to get off the saucepan. Like I needed more things to clean.

But the big news. Today we went for a Sunday drive. To the Gold Coast and back. (About 7 hours drive return.) To pick up another tandem we bought on eBay. Yes we did. And yes, yes, I know, we are mad. We are tandemaholics. But this one is niiiice. It is an upgrade - from the one I've been riding with Cait. And we will sell the old one. (And our other old one is spoken for as well. ) But not before I take a photo of the FIVE we currently own, just to record for posterity that we are tandemaniacs.

It was dark when we got home, and I want to change the saddle from the uncomfortable mens type one, and lower it, before I ride it. So I will get a photo in the daylight... some time this week.
But there will be more on 'Los Dos' on this blog, you can be sure. (Los Dos is the name of the model tandem. How's your Spanish? Very cute, huh?) I am pretty stoked about it (which is not intended to be a pun on the term 'stoker' - for the one who rides the back of a tandem.)

And, so I don't know what I'm doing still up at 10.40pm 11.06pm .. when I'm tired. From doing stuff like this:

Taken Saturday morning on the Community Ride as we stopped for a breather on a headland. Pretty specky, hey.

PS. New camera! Slimline, lightweight, waterproof job, so as to be accessible for stuff like, well, above.

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Cool bike! I can't believe that you drove to the Gold Coast and back for it! Lol! That's some day trip!
I like photos!

You look so professional, so bike-riding, pedal down the road early morning happy.

So what kind of camera?
Good to have you back, I was getting just a tad worried, that's what comes of being such a regular blogger.
Enjoy the new tandem and the camera.
I was a little worried that you had grumped completely out of the blogosphere - glad to have you back.

And seriously, Trace - 5 tandems? There are only that many people in your family - lot of spare seats!

Very spectacular view - definitely worth getting up early for.
Aww, thanks for missing me!

So you realise, brissiemum, that the bike pictured is not the one we went to pick up. (That one we got shipped out from the States!). And the Gold Coast is nothing on where Marc went to pick up the triplet!

So Jeanie?! Want to buy a secondhand tandem?!!

Camera is a Pentax Optio W20. Will fill you in more on it later once I figure out how to use some more of its features. I will still want a camera with more zoom at some stage, but given the sort of activities we do, we decided weatherproof was a worthwhile investment.
Ha, I love that term,"tandamaholic".
I have missed you so much. Thanks for all the updates thus far.
Enjoy the flash new bike.

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