Monday, July 23, 2007


That's Smart.

The first gift I ever gave Marc was a t-shirt with Maxwell Smart on it. Must have been a good choice to give the boyfriend of about 2 months ('can't be something too mushy or you'll scare them off - so pick something he's mildly obsessed about' reasoning - ) 22 years later he's still a fan, and has managed to show the girls an episode or two, and to use (and explain) a few of the catchphrases.

On the weekend he tells us that he has been given dvds of nearly every episode. "Ah, he says", nostalgically, "... that was the best show on television."

Quick as a flash, Ms 8 says: "Don't you mean the second best show on television.?!"

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Ahhhh....nothing has come close since to replacing the shoe phone and the cone of silence!

Good thinking '99! ;)
I recently wrote abotu Get smart too - classic show. Tehre is a get smart movie coming out soon should be good. My vavourite catch phrase is "Would you believe..." Ashley has a tendency to exaggerate and all I have to say is "Ashley...." then pause while giving him "the look" and he caves, giving me the less outrageous version, to which I say, in a Maxwell Smart voice, "Would you believe...." It cracks us up everytime.
I wonder what Marc will think of the new Steve Carell movie version? Will it be sacrilege, homage or parody of a parody?
I didn't know there was going to be a Get Smart movie - I think it will be a case of never as good as the original.

We occasionally do the "would you believe" scenarios too!
I did tell him about the movie when strauss posted and he kind of screwed up his nose.. so I guess you can say he is a purist who will think it just doesn't have a hope of doing justice to the original.

He's also not a fan of movie spin-offs from TV shows either.

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