Monday, July 16, 2007


Am I bovvered?

Linking on from the last post, and comments. This one's for Jebus, re the clip "that comedienne chick made for that comedy thing". I think he means Catherine Tate! and I think he means this clip for Comdey Relief:

My turn to be .. vague.. tell me, was that the real Tony Blair, or that 'comedy dude who does impersonations'?


Thanks! It's the real Tony Blair. He should play the PM in the next Harry Potter film!
Darn - I only got to where Blair and she were talking about who famous - must be a problem with my connection - looked funny...
Oh great. I thought he looked nothing like Tony Blair and jebus says it really was Tony Blair? *embarrassed*

She's good but I prefer the "yeah but no but yeah" character on Little Britain.

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