Monday, July 16, 2007


I told you they drove me crazy

And every now and then I prove it. Or they prove it. Or both.

It's the last day of the holidays, and I'm trying to get them to shift their backsides, along with trying to come up with a new household regime to get them to contribute to the household chores, as well as to finish doing stuff I've been asking them to do for the past week or more. No easy task. They are very easily distracted. I mean, a few hours of watching Catherine Tate sketches on You Tube, and then, just to stir, perfecting the 'Am I bovvered? Face, no, bovvered? No. I AINT EVEN BOVVERED' line. It's Comic Relief around here.

So Zoe is finally trying on hand-me-down clothes that have been lying (for a few weeks) in a heap on a loungeroom chair. Within the space of a minute I guess I have either forgotten I even asked her, or I am just too used to my children not doing what I have asked them to do.

I'm here at the computer, and she comes up as if to ask me something. I turn.

"Zoe! Why are you STILL in your pyjama pants?!!!"

"Mum! - You told me to try on these clothes to see if they fit!"

"Oh... oops!"

A discussion then ensues as to whether said PJ pants fit. I mean they are just pyjamas, but maybe they're a bit long in the crotch. What size are they? Helpful biggest sister looks, and, seeing as she thinks she's a comedian, she says "Hmmm, they're Xtra, Xtra, Xtra Large"....

Zoe: " What?!!! That would fit Mum!"

Much hilarity from the other two.

Nice one kid. Thanks very much.

Looketh at my face. Looketh at my face. Is this a botherred face thou sees before thee?
Bite me alien children.

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