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Today -or rather yesterday, as it's now 12.11pm, and yes, what the hell am I doing up this late when it's back to school in the morning? - the car was ready to be picked up from the mechanics after its little visit late last week. and I decided that I'd walk up to get it, despite the fact that they offer the usual courtesy pick up service. It's a 45 minute walk, so it actually serves very conveniently as my dose of exercise for the day.

I've done this sort of thing numerous times in the past, and it never ceases to surprise me that people (like the mechanic's office person, or varied friends) seem to think it's some sort of amazing feat or extreme exercise choice that I have made.

As it happens, you couldn't ask for better scenery for 25 minutes of the 45 minute walk - right up this beach here:

And today (I took this photo the other day) it wasn't even as crowded as this!! I'm serious!!

After 25 minutes, I do have to cut left and back up to the highway, and yes, it's a less pleasant 12 minutes up the highway with trucks and cars whizzing past at 80kph. But still!

If I went out for a 45 minute walk - as is recommended one does on a thrice weekly basis at least - noone really blinks. If I went to the gym for 45 minutes, people wouldn't think that was odd either. But because I could have got a free courtesy lift, people seem to think it is rather odd that I would take the walking option.

Why wouldn't you gain yourself 45 minutes of exercise (and thinking!) time if you are physically capable of doing so (and I guess have the time) than get driven (in most likely one's own car!) by some young assistant mechanic who is not much of a conversationalist!

I guess I'm just an anti-social exercise-addicted crazy.


I like to park at the very far end of the lot when I go to the store. It's not much, but it counts for something. And, I get to the door before those people trolling for a close parking spot.
I'm about to attend the Melbourne International Film Festival again and I am considering not buying a monthly tram/train ticket and instead walking into the city on days when the weather is OK.

But then I realise that I have to get the train or tram home anyway since I'll be coming home close to midnight each night and really, its just too damn cold to go walking into the city, and frankly I'll be doing enough walking from cinema to cinema and up and down stairs that really it'd just be too much walking if I walked into the city each day.

And I get sore ankles. And this winter fat keeps me warmer at night. There's plenty of time in the Spring to get rid of it. I've gotta give E something to hug when I hopefully visit Canadia in October, can't go wasting away before then!

Logic has its uses!
I try to do that too, Rootie! Though it's funny how you can forget and get carried away with finding a closer spot. It is tied up in a 'perspective', or 'logic' thing, isn't it.

Oh Jebus, how I wish it was that easy to waste away....!!! (Though blokes seem to do it easier, somehow, which is completely unfair!)

How I know (and fight) your sort of logic! Mind you, I wouldn't be keen on walking at midnight. In Melbourne. In winter.
But you could always buy the train ticket and walk in to work when you can. The 'opportunity cost' of the trip not used would still be cheaper than one of my personal trainer sessions!!!!

I can't think of any argument against the ankles. Better shoes?

You're going to Canada!? You'll see Elizabeth?!!! Woot!
Ha Ha. I would DEFINATELY prefer a 45 minute solo walk than a 10 minute drive filled with uncomfortable silence, especailly if the scenery were that lovely.

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