Wednesday, July 18, 2007


And I also caught up with the washing up!

I had a few plans for today, and for once I actually carried through with all of them. It's not often I manage that. Not that any of it was OTT - but I'm pretty good at putting off things, particularly if it looks as if the day is going to be a bit chocka.

I rode with Zoe to school, then drove into town to the airport to pick Marc up, arriving back from his week away. As he'd not had a night flight, he felt obliged to go to the office, so after making sure I got a few kisses and hugs in, I dropped him off, and then headed to the shops hoping for some birthday shopping inspiration.(Alison's 12th on Monday.) Found a couple of things. Raced home, had a bite to eat.

And this is the thing I am proud of: I rode the 'back way' to my weights class. All by myself! [I did ring Marc at one point when I got to a fork in the road, and I wasn't 100% sure of which way to go!] 11km/42 mins. There were some hills. And more than half was dirt.

You could tell I'd missed 3 weeks of weights. :-/

I left just in time to make it back to school to meet Zoe to ride home with her. All decked out in my bike riding gear - felt like a dick at the school, but what the hell, it's what is comfortable to ride that far in. (You know those pockets in the back of cycling jerseys? - bloody handy!)

(So total = 22km. Hills and dirt remember!)

So, I'm a bit sore, and a bit weary.

Then another drive to town to take Cait to netball training, and to drop off a spare car key to Marc because some guy at work has 'misplaced' the key he left so they could move his car if necessary while he was away. Just glad I was coming into town anyway. A spin through the supermarket.

Dinner, and I've even caught up with the washing up. (Don't raise your eyebrows like that!!... I've always said I was a shocker with the domestics.)

Tomorrow I have the gyno procedure - a hysteroscopy (for a look-see, basically, make sure there's nothing untoward 'up there'). Worst part is having to get up a bit earlier to have a 'light breakfast' before 7. (And no water after 10.00) And the 2 ½ hour drive each way... well, Marc is driving me, but, yes, a bit tedious, especially after all our driving over the school holidays (and for him the fact that he's been on plane flights to KL and back in the past week as well...) And the cramps and bleeding afterwards, but, hey... At least I get to have a 'sleep'. (hah).

Arrgh, my legs are already sore! - and that's without the 2-day after syndrome combined with the after effects of having someone probing whatever it is they use up my nether regions.

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Good luck!
Oh good luck today!
Good luck with the gyno stuff tomorrow - ask them what the view is like. Maybe they will find your spare car key!
Hope the test goes well and that you'll be able to put all those gyno things on the back burner.
best wishes for your GYN thingy x x x
Hope your procedure goes well. Thinking of you.

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