Sunday, July 15, 2007


Doctor, Doctor!

Oh yes, we are fans of the new Dr Who. 'We' being particularly eldest daughter and me. And the other two. Somehow the Daddy hasn't really picked up on the series at all, but that's ok. I can appreciate... David Tennant in peace. David Tennant. *sighs* - He's 9 years younger than me.

Am I bovvered?

(I have nothing against younger men... I married one!)

I have no problem with that Scottish accent either!


[*cue 14 yr old daughter rolling her eyes...* She doesn't quite yet appreciate him in the same way I do!! Plus "ewwww" , you are my mother!!]

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sigh...David Tennant...

*goes off to get a dishcloth to clean up the drool*
Loved the second clip. I've been watching Doctor Who for forty years, didn't see the first doctor, but all the others. David Tennant is definitely up there with the best.
Not a fan of Doctor Who (new or old), but David Tennant is a great actor.

The clips that comedienne chick made for that comedy thing (yes I'm great with names) were brilliant. Did you see the one with Tony Blair? Classic.

She was on ABC for a while but they took it off to replace it with that Hyperspace crap. Might have to download it...
I used to watch Dr Who as a kid, Libby, though I think I only picked it up from Jon Pertwee's time. My favourite back then was Tom Baker. At the time I thought Peter Davison (5th) was cute - because he'd been in the Vet series. I don't recall seeing it much after that, so I don't recall any of the next few.
None of that have that certain je ne sais quoi that David Tennant has though!! ;)

The name you're wanting is Catherine Tate, jebus! I did see most of those, though I'll have to go searching to see if I can find the Tony Blair one.
Catherine Tate appeared in the last 'between' series special of Doctor Who - 'The Runaway Bride', and while she knocked back the offer to go off travelling with the Doctor then, apparently she does in the fourth series.
She's a good actor.
Wow I've never seen that clip with those two. She sure can talk! Hey did you pick Ardal O'Hanlon's voice on Saturday? Playing Brannigan, the cat guy? I really enjoyed the Gridlock episode.
I've never heard of Catherine Tate til just now- how very funny!

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