Friday, July 06, 2007


On the road again.

All too short. *le sigh* Back in the car this arvo - picking up Marc from work about 3.00 - and we're heading 2/3 of the way back to Sydney (about 4 hours this time) to his Mum's at Tea Gardens. We are being reunited with the sprogs tomorrow - my Mum is driving them the two hours up from Sydney.

We could have driven down tomorrow ourselves, but we figured it would be nice to spend some time with Marc's mum - plus this way we can go out for dinner with her, and then sleep in a bit!

Weather permitting on Sunday we might catch the ferry across Port Stephens to Nelson Bay. While I am in dire need of doing something much more active (my back has been niggling all week - a direct result of lack of exercise, 'other' beds, and too much standing around) we are limited by how far Nana can walk, and the idea is to spend the time with Nana. But! We might see dolphins!

We will drive back late on Sunday. Which has just reminded me that I need to make up the kids' beds so they can fall into them when we arrive home after dinner.

And then, huzzah! A week of school hols with kids. They don't know it yet but I have a couple of wonderful treats in store for them. A trip to the dentist!! Woo hoo! And, for Cait, an immunisation that she should have received at school 2 years ago, but THE SCHOOL FAILED IN THEIR DUTY TO LOCATE HER EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS IN THE LIBRARY WHERE SHE WAS MEANT TO BE INSTEAD OF DOING CHRISTIAN STUDIES AS PER MY AUTHORISATION, AND CAN'T YOU TELL I'M NOT DIRTY ABOUT IT AT ALL... HMMMPH. [And if I'd known when it was happening the following year she could have got in line with the Year 7s, but 2 years on, the health department won't do catch ups at the school clinics....]

And now it seems Marc will have to go to KL on Tuesday for a week, and of course I am not happy - it feels like the 'never, ever GST' - although of course it is unfair to draw a direct analogy, because the 'no more overseas work' deal is actually a bit more complex than that, what with colleagues being affected by it, and.. well... yeah...

So, what must be must be, at least until this specific project is finished. (All bets are off after this project is over, however... Says me. With so much bargaining power.....)

A week is .. ok. I can deal with a week.

He will be back in time to take me to another gyno day surgery (to make sure all is ok) thingy - on the 19th. How romantic.

If nothing else, it is just reinforcement for my continuing to be the SAHM, because the logistics (re the kids) otherwise would be quite difficult when you don't actually know from one week to the other whether he'll be around.

Pffft. I can feel a few sleep-ins coming on.


PS. I haven't ridden a bike in 2 weeks... and we haven't even test ridden the new tandem. Which is still in the house. Not good.

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