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We had 120mm of rain over 24 hours (from 9am-9am). That's nearly 5 inches in the old money. There are a couple of pools in the backyard. Even if it clears tomorrow, I'll be sloshing out to the clothesline and standing ankledeep in water to hang the clothes out. Oh well, at least it is not a flood. (But I say again - "I wish we could have sent this rain out west where they need it.")

So everything outside is damp. And I now have a building pile of damp washing building up inside as I gradually put a few loads through the washing machine. Do I put it all through our cabinet dryer (which will at least not shrink anything) ? Or 'hang fire' for the predicted "Forecast for Wednesday: Fine. Fresh to strong and gusty westerly winds. " ? That should get things dry. If it happens.

I have had another day mooching around the house, trying to sort a few things out. I finally sewed Cait's 14 yrs rep player patch on her rep netball jacket. Poor kid with the slacko mum who doesn't manage to sew it on in time for all the lead up carnivals. But at least she's in business for the real thing this weekend. I usually get things done in time in the end.

So Friday is the day - and we farewell both of them at 6 am meeting spots (some 25 km apart, but hey) for them to travel down in their respective team buses. They travel and stay together with their teams (which suits me just fine!) Then at some point before lunch we'll get the Mum, Dad and Zoe show on the road. 6 hours driving time to Grandma's house. After our nearly 8 hour Sunday drive, it'll seem like nothing!

Then we leave the Zoester to be spoilt rotten for 3 days, and head off on Saturday morning to watch 3 days of netball (multiplied by 2 girls). They will play around 25 x half hour games over the 3 days - I have just found out that they will be playing at the same time - which is sort of a bummer, but sort of a blessing, as at least we will have the alternate half hours to sit back and relax. I don't think I could really cope with head to head netball for several hours each day! I am just not that obsessed with the game!

Monday afternoon we collect our (very tired) netballers, and head back to Grandma's... and then Marc and I will leave all three for a few more days - he has to work, and, well, they may as well spend a bit of time with their grandparents. We'll retrieve them a few hours closer on the weekend (so only a 4 hour drive for us on Friday night) where we'll meet up with them at Nana's place for a couple of nights. A few nights sans kids! Quite a novel concept for us. I'm not sure we'll know what to do with not having to harass everyone to bed each night. (Bliss! is what it will be.)

So I have been trying to work out if everyone has enough clothes, and that said clothes (and socks and undies) have all made it to the laundry. Sitting on the floor sorting through drawers has set my back a-twingeing, and my nose all sniffling and sneezing, so I am taking a break. I now have a bag's worth of too-small clothes to give away as well, and a big pile that Zoe needs to try on to decide whether they go in the Discard, Current, or Grow Into pile. It is kind of sad when your youngest finally outgrows some of those cute clothes that have been handed down from eldest to middlest to her. Ssshhh, no, I'm not clucky - but aren't there a lot of cute clothes for little kids out there?!!! And now my baby is a tall, skinny nearly 9 year old! How time flies.

Well, said baby has a swimming squad class straight after school, and I need to pick her up from school, then do a few errands at the shops. (Like getting something for dinner!). And then back to the damp washing, and the clothes sorting, and the building panic that always accompanies a trip away, no matter how organised you try to be. Unfortunately that's always been my M.O. and always will be.

Sunshine the next two days would certainly make things a lot easier.

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A bit damp here too - great for the gardens but not so good for my bricklaying darling (or the coffers)...

I periodically have the sort of drawers to hand on to cousins and friends - always good to have a chain of hand-me-down-ers!

Sounds like you have done heaps - and good luck on the trip. BTW - how do you meet 2 buses 25 km apart at the same time?
The buses? Lucky there's two of us. I guess we draw straws to see who gets the long trip. Mind you there could be some car pooling to come into the equation yet...
you haven't too shabby a job for a rainy day!
I'm so hearing you about the washing. I have 4 piles waiting to get done! Thankfully, it's sunny and windy here today, although we do need the rain...our dams are only 18% full!

I say if you can hang it all out undercover until it is just lightly damp, then whack in the clothes dryer for 10 minutes on warm or hot at the end, it always comes out dry and isn't in there long enough to shrink the fabric. That's what I do. Only problem is that it's a slow process waiting for the line stuff to get half-dry!
Only problem I have brissiemum, is that I don't have anywhere undercover to hang it!

We have a cabinet dryer (which you can't buy these days), rather than a tumble dryer... It's great because nothing shrinks in it, but it's timeconsuming to use because you have to hang everything over the racks in it.. and it takes longer than a tumble dryer.

Pity I couldn't have sent the rain up your way. There's always hope.. Goulburn's dam was just about empty, and now it's spilling over the newly heightened dam wall!

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