Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Desperate housewife.

"Wet washing hanging on the line.
Drying very quickly when the weather's fine..."

(If you are an Aussie mum with any Playschool in your blood,
you are singing along with me right now, aren't you?)

When the highlight of your day is being chuffed that there is blue sky and sunshine, so that you can hang out multiple loads of washing, it qualifies as being desperately... something....

Maybe there's a bit of the housewife in me after all.

I'm even more chuffed that the forecast is for 'fine' tomorrow as well, as I have the 3 sets of sheets from the kids beds to do still! (Not admitting how long it has been since their beds were changed.) Plus numerous other items of clothing that I will discover need washing before we go away - netball gear that has been stuffed away somewhere for instance. (Just wondering where a particular long sleeve shirt is and what state it is in...) The most annoying thing is getting through to the girls that they need to look a bit like they are going to do some packing tonight. So that tomorrow night isn't diabolical! The eldest works on the 'why do today what you can put off doing till 5 minutes before you leave' principle, so I'm fighting off just a bit of frustration - a trade-off for the fact that I don't actually need to pack her stuff for her like some parents of her team-mates do. I believe in making them responsible for their own stuff as early as possible. Normal holiday trips I wouldn't care so much, but with this representative team sport bizzo, you can't afford to leave something important behind.

Morning spent washing and squelching out to the line. A quick making of a 'plate' of food for an in-school time dance for Zoe this afternoon, which I only found out about over dinner last night. (Bit of creative thinking and googling, and I whizzed up some puff pastry vegemite and cheese scrolls, and then dropped them off at school.)

A quick trip into town, with a list of items to get: new dressing gown for eldest, clasps for middlest who is making 'friendship' bracelets in their team colour for everyone in her rep team, and a new watchband for husband. Something for dinner even. (Dinner decisions are on a day to day basis at the moment.) Home and then back out to parent-teacher meeting. Home and then back out soon at 6.00 to drop middlest and friend at school disco - after supervising them doing the icing for a slice Alison made last night.

And still more washing tomorrow. I'm yet to figure out how so much can accumulate for a family of five in such a short time. Sometimes it seems like it is all that I ever do - and that's with a washing machine! Still, hanging out the washing to dry on a sunny day is one of the few household chores that I actually kind of enjoy. I love the freshness of clothes and linen dried out in the fresh air, and I really am grateful for the climate and air quality that we have here. Mid-winter, (and stupidly our clothesline gets more shade in the winter because of trees blocking a bit of the northerly sun) and all of that is dry tonight, bar the waistbands of a couple of pairs of jeans.

The downside of bringing in all that fresh, clean washing is that I now have to sort it. And iron some of it. Bummer. My housewifeliness certainly doesn't run to enjoying that.

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Wow- what a productive day! You accomplished a lot! Good writing, too- I can just picture the breeze across the laundry line.
Wow - lookee at all that washing (and all those pegs!) - you certainly get a sense of accomplishment when it is so tangible! Folding, putting away (and sheesh - ironing) doesn't have that "look at this"ness about it that a full washing line can.
I actually miss hanging my wet washing on the line. Here it all gets chucked in the dryer to shrink.

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