Monday, June 25, 2007


Just one quick post ...

It's raining, it's pouring. (Just when I'd decided it was high time to strip all the beds and wash all the sheets.) I really wanted to get on top of the laundry in preparation for leaving on Friday. The big netball State Age Championships are finally just about here (and not a moment too soon! - I don't think I could sustain all the taxi-driving-to-training logistics - for two daughters - for another term!) Please, Mother Nature, give me one day of sunshine this week before going away so I can dry stuff outside, and not chew up the electricity on using the dryer!

It's hard to get motivated on a rainy day. Much more fun sitting at the computer, drinking cups and cups of coffee, and catching up on blogs, and much-missed comments after not having done a blog post in 5 days!

However, I have much to do, and only so many days to do it in, so I must prioritise, and make some impact today. General cleaning desperately required. And then there's the sorting of clothes for children who about to head south in mid-winter from this very mild, temperate climate. I hope they have enough warm clothes to get them through a few days in Sydney,! where it could be a balmy 20 degrees, or a cold-enough 13 or thereabouts with a whipping southerly wind-chill to make it feel even colder. How does that sound? I'm their mother, and I don't know whether they have enough warm clothes?

With the rain, no photos of new tandem yet. Oh, ok, here's one of it parked INSIDE the house here (along with all the other bike related detritus) and so then you might get some idea of what I am up against - cleaning-wise - in this house. (Not that some of the mess isn't down to me... but multiply that by five, and you have a debacle.)

Marc spent a couple of hours last night researching exactly what year model tandem we'd bought! - me having to help him turn the damn thing over - inside the house - a couple of times to unscrew some part to reveal the model number. Which gives me a slight sense of unease I guess, ie. I am hoping that we didn't pay too much for it. However, this quality of tandem doesn't come up for sale in Australia that much - particularly second hand, so you just jump in and hope. When you are a tandemaniac. In this country.

And I guess we figure that if we sell on our other tandem to someone new to tandemming, then we are doing our bit to promote the wonderful world of tandems in this country!!

OK, I could blather on about other stuff that has been happening while I haven't been blogging:

Good stuff like children getting glowing school reports, and "arguing" with Zoe's teacher over who is lucky - us because all three of my girls have had her as a teacher, or her because she's been able to teach all three of my girls!

Or flipside stuff like car mechanics who try to charge $220 to replace part of the exhaust system (when I took it to a place), and then Marc takes it somewhere else for a second opinion and gets the 'clunk' fixed for nothing (and the exhaust didn't need replacing!) Getting the sexist rip-off vibe here?

Oh, look.. it's lunchtime already!


When do you reckon our family'd start getting use then out of the one you're off-loading?

We might consider it.

Skype me later...??!
A few years yet, K. Zoe doesn't fit on the back of that tandem yet, ie. she can't reach the pedals. There is such a thing as crank shorteners, but you have to get a certain type for certain cranks, and Marc hasn't managed to source them yet.

Also, that tandem wouldn't be an ideal fit for Adam - given he's so tall, he would need one that is a larger frame size at the front. (Tandems do get made in a few sizes...) - that one would be too small for Marc to ride - he's 6 ft.

So, I wouldn't flog it off to you because it wouldn't be right for your particular family needs!

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