Friday, November 23, 2007


Just for something different

It seems that this weekend we'll be giving our cycling legs a rest and making our arms do some work for a change. We have been talked into participating in an Outrigger Canoe Corporate Day.

First I heard of it was Marc ringing me from work Monday or Tuesday this week. His office are putting a team in this event, and are desperate for people and do I want to paddle too?

Um.. ? Oh well, why not. After all, I've paddled a kayak many kilometres, and while that's a double-bladed paddle, the concept is .. well, similar. OK, so that was 20 years ago, but it's "just like riding a bike", isn't it?! Will I still have the muscle memory of balancing in a tippy boat?

So, how many paddle an outrigger canoe?

Um.. about 5. And we maybe need one more.

What about Cait - she's 'big' enough now?
[Cait later agrees with gusto.]

And do we need to have a bit of practice before this.. ah.. race?

Ah, yeah.. actually there had been practice on the last few Sundays but he kind of 'forgot' about it (besides which we were bike riding!)

So a practice was scheduled for yesterday afternoon, but that was canned by an afternoon downpour accompanied by thunder and lightning.

So, we have to go in early tomorrow morning. Practice to see if 3 blokes, 1 woman and a 14 year old girl can get coordinated enough to propel an outrigger canoe 600m out and around a jetty. In haste.

Then back in to 'race' on Sunday morning, where the challenge will be to paddle, in co-ordination, fast, and amongst a pile of other outriggers.

If I can still operate my arms and hands enough to type I'll tell you all about it afterwards.

* Just for interest here's a link about beginners in outriggers..

I love this bit: (Noone has sought fit to mention this possibility to me!)

You are going to get wet, aren't you?
"Undoubtedly. It's certain that someone's going to flip one of these things over".

They go right over, do they?"
Yes...with the stabilizer being on the left side, if the weight shifts to the right then there's a chance of turning over".

I suppose at least if we go in we'll be in warmer waters than the Derwent River in Hobart.
Wow - last time I did something like that was with dragon boat racing - less likely to tip over!

I hope you have a ball - remember, its not always about winning, but about having fun! Of course, winning is said to be fun too.

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