Thursday, November 15, 2007


Tracey's top things to do instead of cleaning

  1. have a cup of coffee
  2. check emails (which also includes comments made on my blog)
  3. Read blogs
  4. Have another cup of coffee.
  5. put washing on
  6. hang washing out
  7. check emails again
  8. write a blog post so as to have some basis for #2
  9. mow the backyard.
  10. iron for half an hour (though I didn't get round to that yesterday - *bang* goes that pledge to self - and this morning he wonders where his ironed shirt is!!- a novelty as it was to find a pre-ironed shirt hanging there ready for him in the morning, he is pretty quick to accept it as something he'd like to find hanging there ready for him in the morning.) ***
  11. make blueberry muffins (a trial with frozen blueberries because fresh are so bloody expensive.) *
  12. make banana bread *
  13. check emails again **
  14. see if anyone has updated their blog**
  15. have another cup of coffee **
  16. reading chapters from Jeremy Clarkson 'Don't stop me now', which I bought 'for Marc' last week - because he likes Top Gear so much. (and, ok.. I find Clarkson's humour, irreverent as it sometimes is, very appealing. Wish I had such a way with words.)
  17. spend half an hour on after Miscmum recommends it. (I am ranging between level 37 and 42, though I hit 44 once! - highly recommended but ADDICTIVE - I got up to 2 thousand and something grains of rice donated, so at least I feel I've done something GOOD while I've been sitting here straining my brain over words I have never HEARD of before.)

* Making two lots of homebaked goodies in the one day is just about unheard of for me these days. Kids didn't know what had come over me when they got home from school.

** it would be more accurate to insert any of these into the list many more times in a day

*** he isn't as bad as I make out. He is 'up there' among the greatest 'stirrers' - it's just that some days I'm probably just not in the mood for it - not when I acknowledge that I have a severe procrastination problem and I am trying really hard to do something about it.

And now

17. I'm thinking of going right into town to the supermarkets for better quality and range of fruit and veg that I was unable to pick up closer to home yesterday. It's either that or clean the windows.

My parents arrive tomorrow - to stay for a few days - and I haven't done half of what I was aiming for cleaning-wise. So much for the 'new leaf' I was turning. I have made some inroads - this, after all is a long-term project to get my act together - but I have a long way to go. And when it comes down to it, do I really care what my mother thinks about the state of my house? It's the bigger picture that is more important in the long run.


Yesterday I went back to the personal trainer for a very light session with the weights. It's going to be baby-steps all the way with that - it's been more than 2 months since I was there. I reckon I aggravated my back at the last session I did - which was sometime late August or early September. Then there's the knee which is being very random about where and when exactly it wants to hurt, twinge, etc. Damn, though, it felt good to work my arms a bit - and I'm muscle-sore exactly where I should be - and it's a different sort of sore to the lower back soreness I've been waking up with lately - so at least I know that despite reducing some of the weights from what I had got up to, they have still actually worked. Surprisingly my very twingey and twitchey lower back felt good after some of the stretches - and doing hip-lifts designed to work on the hamstrings. If nothing else I was forced to tighten my abs, which have been lolling around on an extended resort-style holiday for the duration of these 'injuries'.

I need to include 'abs' and push ups into my 'new-me' daily routine - or even into the 'Things to do instead of Cleaning' list.

Coming soon: "The Makeover" - how Tracey changed from dysfunctional housewife into a cooking, cleaning super-organised dynamo.

Don't hold your breath.


The Makeover......Really?? I kinda like the Tracey you already are.

Did I miss seeing hemmed the curtains on that list. *laugh*

Biggest hint for knees, alway make sure the knee and foot are pointed in the same direction when exercising. With no twist, no strain. It's been working for me along with an exercise I was given that they recommend for knee replacement patients that builds up the muscles above and below the joint.
Ah yes - and if you can market that formula, slack housefraus around the world will be after your blood, woman!!!
You're a grand sort of person, yes you are.
Baby steps Trace! You don't want to scare the family (or yourself).

I hear you on the email thing. My computer is in the lounge, where I spend most of my spare time (reading or watching tele or whatever) and I hear the telltale sound of an email arrive. I tell myself I'll look a bit later. But I ususally only last about a minute before the urge To Know overpowers.

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