Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Mother of the Year.

The primary school had a Bike Education day today - so it was a good impetus to ride to school with Zoe, who is still not the most confident 9 year old solo bike rider you've ever seen. (In fact she's probably one of the least confident - she can hang on for grim life on the back of a triplet bike going at 80 km/hr downhill and not scream "slow doooowwwwn" anymore, but put her on her own bike and she just doesn't have the bike handling skills that most kids years younger than her have. She never did, even before we got into the tandems; guess it's just one of those things that doesn't come naturally to her.)

We rode together to school and I kissed her goodbye at the school gate this morning , arranging to meet her up in the school grounds at the end of school - around 3.10 pm.

Guess who totally forgot?

Guess who was on the phone *yak, yak, yak* and at 3.30 suddenly realised where she should have been 20 minutes ago?

Guess who was crying when I met her half way to school, another mum/teacher's aide riding with her and suggesting all the possible reasons Mum might have been late. (Just plain FORGETTING wasn't one of them, incidentally.)

Guess who promised to blog it (seeing she tells enough tales out of school about her children's misdemeanours?).. and at least raised a bit of a wry smile.

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I've forgotten to get my kids a time or two. It's not as if you FORGOT her, you were just busy and time slipped up on you.
I forgot my son so badly one day that when he walked in the back door of the house after walking home, I asked him why the **** he was home. Ha.

She'll forget about it and you can use it as humor for a while. Like, "OK honey I'll be here after school" To which you can add, "And I promise not to forget you." or, if she's like my son, she'll say "As long as you don't forget me again."
Oh dear. Tell her she has my sympathy. If you had been home sewing those hems I might, stress the might, have understood.
Poor Z. I like your promise to blog it - I reckon I'll have to remember that one.....
Why didn't you just fake amnesia for the rest of the day?
Don't worry, soon she will be of the age where she will be too busy with her friends to remenber you.

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