Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So did you notice I cooked your dinner?

Yesterday afternoon Himself arrived home early (instead of going straight from work to his scheduled netball (yes, netball! - a mixed social comp) game at 6pm.) He was probably just as surprised to see me ironing as I was to see him home at that hour.

"I've decided to try and do half an hour of ironing each day to try and get through this ironing pile." I said, by way of explanation.

"Very noble."

Gee... thanks....


Me: "So did you see I mowed the front yard and footpath?"

Him: "Yep! Very good!... So did you do the back as well?"



He has a fair point... ;-P
ha ha - that is what both 'Salina and V said to me when I had the same proud announcement on Monday!!
Some people just don't recognize effort when it slaps them in the face. I hope you made him a sandwich for supper.
Maybe I just didn't notice the tongue in his cheek. Sometimes he is not the best judge of my mood and when to crack a joke.
He saw you ironing and then said that? Does he want his wicked way with you ever again?! :)
cellobella, that would be cutting off one's nose to spite one's face wouldn't it?!!

He maintains that the context of his query about the backyard was in terms of 'did I have the time' to do it'. (He does appreciate it when I mow. It's one less time he has to do it. )

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