Friday, November 16, 2007


With a rebel yell

More like a feeble whimper, really.

Ask me if I cleaned the fridge out yesterday.

Oh! Thanks for asking, but... actually.. ah... no. I didn't. Couldn't be ****ed, really. (Or as E. put it (comments, yesterday) more politely, it was Don't Feel Like It Day. No, I wasn't in the mood, and, really, these days I'm the person least likely to hop on the bandwagon of any promotional palava.

I'm a bit of a rebel like that - whether it be a global thing (like Christmas!)... or the local school exhorting us to be involved in some huggy-feely promotional thing ... I'm just becoming more and more of a grumpy old woman, in a passive-aggressive kind of way. By that I mean I generally approach these things with avoidance, spiced occasionally with the occasional rant and dummy spit.

Anyway, in my house, today, it is Vacuum around the Sofa Bed and Clean the Bathroom before the Parents Arrive Day.

Which is to be followed by the Inability to Blog Because of Company Weekend. (As in Parental Company who don't know I have a blog and wouldn't be interested even if they did.)

I am hoping however that I may have been successful in my application for Sunday to be Leave the Kids with their Grandparents While We Go Bike Riding Day. The grandfather was all 'go for it', but it has yet to be rubber stamped by She Who Must Be Humoured. Last time the weekend was discussed SWMBH wanted to take the kids shopping, but on Saturday.

*sighs*... Best go 'celebrate' today.

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Ah, you punk!

"Vacuum around the Sofa Bed and Clean the Bathroom before the Parents Arrive Day" - really? I think the "Parents Arrive Moment" should always be precluded with a quick sweep of the room with your eyes to see what would meet most disapproval and hide that - that way, when the disapproval is aired, you can always smirk inside and think "well at least they didn't find the (insert your item whisked here" and be a brave girl under their censure.

Good luck for a child free Sunday - there are other things you could do besides bike riding, you know. You could tempt Mark into a little - I don't know - activity in the bedroom? Then he could vacuum the rest of the rooms while he is at it!
Ooo now that's a title I admire! I wonder if I could persuade anyone around here to call me 'she who must be humoured!'
Jeanie! My children read this blog you know!!

Maddy... I kind of prefer "She Who Must Be Obeyed" for myself!!
Well Trace, I am sure your children should not be shocked that you expect Mark to vacuum the bedroom and help make the bed. Do the girls good to know what expectations are in a marriage.

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