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If it's not one thing with me, it's another. Saw a physio on Tuesday. I'm not a big fan of physios - they never helped with my back, and in my experience tend to rely heavily on their little magic machines. But after the debacle with my knee on Sunday, just when it felt all but better, I was desperate for a quick fix after putting myself around 3 weeks (out of 5) back in the recovery stakes.

So, his esteemed opinion (after moving both knees around in more planes that I thought possible - and particularly in ways that my sub-conscious didn't want either knee to go) was that I had a small cartilage tear. (I am sure he said that because I mentioned that the chiro didn't think I'd torn any cartilage.) He gave me stretches to do - ones I'd been pretty much doing anyway - then when I told him that, he replied "Yes, you've done the right thing by coming to see me." Huh? .. did I have a sign on my head saying "Please patronise me" ?

$75 for that consult, and he wanted to see me again ($60) a few days later. He put me on the gym equipment doing leg raises that I could do for half that price with the trainer (and I thought that was an extravagance!) I didn't need to be a mental arithmetic guru to figure that this was going to be an expensive undertaking if I stuck with him. Just not enough value for money. When I asked what I could do (thinking strapping) to avoid hurting it again, he basically told me not to twist it. To stop and turn carefully.

Well duh.

I'm not going back there.

My trainer recommended a different physio who she thought would just teach me how to strap it, but I haven't made any more appointments. Yet. I'm a bit fed up and wary about throwing more money around for no reason.

Wed afternoon it hurt more again, but yesterday it had eased, and I hope I can swim tonight.

So, then last night my wrist and hand started throbbing - which is probably an indication of too much time spent on the computer. (Which doesn't do anything for my pie in the sky dreams of doing some kind of freelance computer work...)

So there you have it... Tracey and the Neverending Saga of the Dodgy Body Parts. (And there goes your theory that I ask for all these aches and pains because of all the crazy exercise-type stuff I do!)

That's the limit of my keyboarding stint for now. I've strapped my wrist (it's waaay better than last night, but I'm being cautious) and right-handed pecking at keys is just a a bit desperado and just total proof that I spend way too much time on here doing nothing much of merit.

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Tracy, when your wrist is feeling better, please tell me if that X-ray is a knee, if it's your knee, and if it's supposed to look like that.

I do hope you feel better in both knee and wrist soon.
Hey JC... [wrist is working again...] yes that x-ray is a knee, but I purloined it from a google image search, and I have no idea about what state it is in... It just looked 'cool', being all x-rayish and that!
Whew - cause that did look fairly painful!

I get the wrist strain thingy - I solved my knee problems by never actually moving above sloth lol - but being on the puter does do the wrists and fingers.

Sit up higher (or put the keyboard lower) so you wrists and elbows are not over extended (and the blood flow is not compromised) take short breaks often and give yourself longer breaks when it hurts...
That knee in the x-ray is in TERRIBLE shape!

"Tracey and the Neverending Saga of the Dodgy Body Parts."

Join me on the couch, we'll share a bottle of whine.

Alas, your issues could very well be the result of an active lifestyle- wear and tear, and all that. Bo Jackson (famous American football and baseball player) had his hip replaced at 29, and knees about 10 yrs later. Having said that, you're still better off being active than a couch potato.

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