Friday, January 11, 2008


Still alive

So we did our canyoning day with the girls. It turned out to be a huge day - 12 hours from start to finish! The girls did really well. Pretty damned sore afterwards... we've had a few quiet days since.. and I've not bothered to get on the internet because it's using Marc's phone to connect. The photos are here on his laptop but i think I'll wait till we get home to worry about it. Means I'll have a lot of blog reading to do as well.

Alison did the whole canyon with no injuries then bashed the side of her foot down at the local council pool the next day, so we don't know if we'll manage a bit of a walk tomorrow (showing Zoe a bit of canyoning type scenery) before we head home.

Marc spent yesterday cleaning out the gutters of the roof, and we have to do some cleaning of this house too. One of the downsides of getting to use his mum's holiday house for nothing. I can't say I feel like doing it - I have enough cleaning to do at my own house - which I put off because it hurts my back to do!

If nothing else, being away makes you look forward to home sweet home. Your own bed, and your own bloody kitchen to cook in...
Yay - so good to be home, I know that!

Glad the tragedies were limited to premises that you can sue (only joking) - hope A has a swift recovery.

Do you enjoy Richard Glover? I have his Desparate Husbands book, which has a very funny chapter about holiday houses (and mainly the mystery cupboard which is always locked).
I stopped by to visit your blog and glad I did!
Can't wait for the photos.
How many more years before Z. gets to join the fun?

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