Saturday, March 29, 2008


I feel better now!

[If you're Australian - and old enough - feel free to sing that as per the 1990 Medibank Private ad lyrics - seeing that's what's going through my head.]

But yes. I feel so much better now. Sweet relief. I came good by dinner last night, so I went with my crazy genes and got up early and went into the early morning bike ride. I knew that if I didn't, I'd resent the 5 hours of "being" at netball. At least this way I have done some exercise, and something for myself, plus enjoyed some social time over coffee as well.

And then the netball season began. Almost on the wrong foot - or should I say 'shoeless feet'. Heading out the door, Alison in thongs because she wasn't playing the first game. On Mother Auto-Pilot I ask the nag question: "Have you got your shoes?"....

"Uh-oh..." she says. "oops". Then has to hunt for them. Imagine if I'd asked that a few minutes later, in the car.

She can't locate them immediately.

"I'd have had them if you hadn't made me put them away."

[See Mum explode. Watch Mum speak in a very loud voice and slam doors.]

But wait! They weren't even put 'away'. The were kicked under the computer desk, with dirty socks still in them.

Things weren't off to a good start once at netball either. Cait's junior team are slow to arrive, and we have to play the first quarter with a sub. (She'd told them to get there only 10 minutes before the game started! See what happens when I'm out of commission!)

We came through the day with one blistered toe (Zoe), one bloody nose (Zoe), and a skinned elbow and knee (Ali - to match the ones she did at training a fortnight ago. I'd take a photo and blog it, but she won't let me, so I can only tell you about it.) And an ant bite (Me - while kneeling on the grass tending Zoe's bleeding nose.)

Zoe got clonked in the face with the ball, and prone as she is to nosebleeds in the heat, I wasn't too fazed that she got the nosebleed. It just looked dramatic - like a murder scene, Coach Cait reckoned. Fortunately it happened only a couple of minutes out from full time, because she'd been playing so well, and getting a few goals! She has big shoes to fill with the netball, but she showed she must have picked up something from watching them. (Surprising that, given mostly at netball carnivals she is to be found with her nose in a book.)

When Alison went down in her second game (after slipping and doing the splits on some loose sand that shouldn't have been on the court in her first game), my heart did lurch. Thankfully only grazes, but she didn't exactly need to be collecting them. I've also pronounced her netball shoe soles too worn, despite her protestations that she tripped over someone's foot, and so now my lazy day at home tomorrow has turned into a shopping trip for new netball shoes. This netball palava just doesn't end.

This year I also thought I had managed to trade serving all day in the canteen with being the support mum for two teams. Oh no. Muggins here ended up in there yet again during the last game that Ali was in because there was noone else. All the rest of the committee were umpiring. Funny how not being secretary anymore hasn't changed much at all. My replacement hasn't been sucked in yet to being hands on during netball days, and there is simply noone else prepared to get off their bums who has a conscience.

When I was the only adult left to 'man' the canteen in the game after Ali's - the last game of the day - I finally made a stand, shut the canteen, emptied the garbage, counted the money, and left. It was hard, knowing I was leaving others to close up who'd been there longer than me. But someone's got to do it.

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Oh Trace, we do sort of run in parallel, don't we.

Only you have a much grander scale - just insert "tuck shop" for "netball" and you will find dumbkins here.

But oh goodness, thank the stars you are all better enough too whinge, and the local community were saved from having to really find out what would happen if you were out of commission.

Actually - might be an interesting social experiment (all in the name of science) you could try. buahahahaha!
Sounds to me like you do more with the school tuckshop jeanie! Have you managed to extricate yourself from that yet?
I felt very guilty running off and leaving the others yesterday, but I have to draw the line in the sand. So to speak. There are plenty who do more than me.. but a hell of a lot who do bugger all.
You see, at least as a mum I won't be likely to be called to be a soccer coach. I KNEW that there had to be an upside.

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