Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I like clouds

I have many blog posts swishing around my head, but none have made their way into a comprehensible form.

So in the meantime....

I am fascinated by clouds. And I don't manage to take nearly as many photos of them as I'd like.

Took this one through the front windscreen of the car as we drove home from the netball carnival on Sunday.


Oh, that is srsly beautiful. I( admire your photog ability!
Meh, thanks J'Chick. But I'm just a happy snapper. Wish I knew more about photography. If you looked very closely at that photo, you'd pick out the dirt on the windscreen!

I love clouds too - I wish I had learned all about them and knew the differences.

I once started writing a book (as you do) and I had a character who knew all about them, but of course as I didn't that character (and eventually the whole book) didn't go far!!

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