Friday, April 11, 2008


She can draw my mind.

Artist: My girl, Cait.

She's got to be able to earn money from this sort of talent, don't you think?


Wow - I want your mind on a t-shirt!!
Could be done actually! She got printer t-shirt transfers from Santa. Only thing stopping her had been our printer being crap. If she got her act together... and got Dad to print them at work... (or we bought a decent printer....)

Food for thought there...
But I don't see any laundry in there Tracey. Does that mean it's not top of your list of priorities?
to echo Jeanie, wow, that's amazing...she's 3 right?!!! Seriously, whatever age, it looks really cool
That is fantasic!
Hi potty mummy.. no laundry, no. I suppose she didn't realise what she was drawing when she did it!

Hiya pig in the kitchen, thanks for dropping in! Ah, I might think she is a bit talented, but not a child genius. She's almost 15 !! I don't know where she gets the artistic genes from.

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