Wednesday, April 09, 2008


"Why would you want a picture of us two?"

Why on earth would a Mum and Dad want to take a picture of their two oldest girls, together? I mean, what on earth would be the significance of them both playing rep netball? (Even if it is for different associations at this point)? What sort of weirdo parents would think it'd be nice to get a picture of them, together, in their respective rep dresses at a rep carnival? I mean, ewwww.

Who knows.. parents are a bit weird like that sometimes.

Yes, Cait, we know Ali doesn't have a patch on right now, but getting you both off the court at the one time isn't that easy at a rep carnival. (Heaven knows, we didn't manage to do it all of last year...) Just imagine the C for Centre patch on her chest eh.

And don't get too close either. You wouldn't want to be seen with your arms around each other's shoulders or anything chummy like that....

Yep, and thanks for the goofy grin.

(Really, darling, it's only because we want to record the fact that we will spend several Sundays this year watching you girls play rep netball, and in years to come we'll present it as proof of our undying commitment to you. Or something like that.)

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Oh my goodness they sure have grown. Cait is a young woman now. Are they wearing dresses in netball these days? Shows how much I know. lol
Rep netball they wear the bodysuit type dresses. Like they wear in the Australian team, and the national netball competition teams.
Local netball they wear skirts and tops, though the pleated skirts are just about out. Our netball association will be moving to the lycra/microfibre skirts and tops for next year.

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