Thursday, July 24, 2008


Not too far from the truth.

Today I signed up to do a freebie TAFE course designed to help women get back into the workforce. After all, I'm so on top of everything else I should be doing/should have done, it should be no problem fitting in three days of classes.


Mind you, this is a flexible course, and given my "qualifications", I don't need to attend every subject... I am hoping this might be the catalyst I need to figure out what I want to do job-wise.

I'm experiencing a mild sense of panic about how this will chew into my week - but if I can't manage a mother-friendly, 9 till 3, three-days a week classes, then how the hell do I think I could actually WORK?

[First step - get to bed earlier than midnight? ]
sounds great, once you're in the swing of things everything will be fine
If it's like some of the free courses here it could be a little rinky dink but the idea is to gather ideas and to network.

Go at it with an open mind
Good luck!! I hope that it gives you the mental challenge that can cause time to telescope for you!!!

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