Thursday, July 10, 2008


Shopping therapy

We're packed and ready to go after an early lunch. The kids have a last couple of hours to play (and argue) with their cousins, and Marc has time to do set up some stuff on my dad's computers. Last chance to use the internet for a few days so I may as well make the most of it.

We've used the opportunity of being back in the big smoke to do some shopping. Like kids in a candy shop, we were, Marc and I, "deprived" as we are living where we do. (Anyone would think we lived out in the bush like Bush Babe! We don't, but the thriving coastal metropolis of around 60,000 that we call home still lacks a bit in shopping choice in some areas.

You guessed it, of course. We're talking outdoor shops! And Katmandu had a sale on! Poor old credit card. We girls are now kitted up with fleecy thermal pants. (Marc still fits into his woollen army pants. I don't know whether to be miffed that he can still fit into clothes from 20 years ago, or humoured that he'll really look the antique part, given I'm sure there are not many people these days, even on cross country skis, who dress like that.)

Marc and I found long sleeve cycling jackets (matching of course). A great kids size polar fleece for Zoe.

Anyhoo... worth the stay (despite the bed...)

So Marc now needs my dad's laptop for computery stuff... so I'll sign off, yet again. Psyching up to head for colder weather - can't believe how cold it is for Sydney. Can only hope that it means it's 'coming off the snow'.. which is what we want, of course, though I wouldn't mind three lovely sunny days!

Ciao for now.
Loved the shopping link. I was out on Monday and shopped at the end of summer sales. *grin*

That reminds me, I need some thermal pants to wear under my jeans at the footy on Sunday - Swans to kick butt!
You may not be 'out bush' geographically, but you can consider yourself an honorary bushie when it comes to shopping! You have reminded me, I must post sometime on how your shopping habits change on becoming a bushie. I am now the Queen of the Powershoppers: what I could once achieve in three weeks, I can now do in three hours.

Then I don't care if I don't see a shop again for another three months!
oops, yes, Kathmandu !! I kept putting the h in the wrong place, then lost it altogether. I blame trying to blog in a hurry with a disapproving mother in the background.

Mostly we shop online, BB !! I'm a second rate honorary bushie, really, as I really have the basics within 25km of home. And I really DON'T miss the city...

Mind you, checking the Kathmandu link again now that I am home, I am wishing I could just duck into the shop to check out their further specials!

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