Thursday, August 07, 2008


If you don't use it...

I had a bit of a dilemma today - and it wasn't over the decision to skive off a day of TAFE classes in only my second week! That part was easy! Marc's birthday, and a coincidental day off for him. Chance of a bit of a sleep in... and getting to spend the day with him... No contest, whether we got to go riding or not, even if the idea of a serious training ride was the catalyst for the decision in the first place.

But the bloody sore knee...? How sensible would it be to ride today, given how sore it was last night? Would I run the risk of making it even worse, and really stuffing it up - just in time for the 100 mile ride in 10 days time?

You can joke (Jeanie!) - but I really was tending to the hypothesis that 2 days of sitting in a classroom (and the car) was making it worse rather than better, as ridiculous as that might sound. The way it was hurting last night, I was thinking that I couldn't make it much worse.

So, I decided on a 'gentle' ride, with due warning to him that we might not make it more than a few blocks.

But it all went fine... the knee barely twinged, and as of 10.56pm (as I type right now) it is still all okely dokely, hunky dory... etc etc. We called our (piddly) 31km (with lunch out at a local cafe in the middle) a 'recovery ride', and while it would have been more rewarding to have done a serious 80-90km training run, I am a much happier girl tonight than I was last night when I truly wondered whether I'd be a scratching for next week. While we won't have done as much training as we'd like, we do know that we can make the distance if we just keep riding.

So hypothesis proved! (Although the voltaren tablets I've taken could also have had some small effect!)

Not really what I needed to confirm that I'd made the right choice to do this course in the first place.

Couldn't we just ride bikes all day every day?

These two photos of us were taken last Saturday. One of them will end up in the paper, because we have been CRAZY enough to have agreed to ride in a 24 hour/500km charity ride around and around a bloody velodrome - in about 8 weeks time. (Or less probably by now.)

I guess I'll fill you in more about that soonish too....
Oh sorry, did you think I had my tongue in my cheek?

lol - glad you had a good ride (and proved niggling doubters wrong) and woo hoo - look at those matching outfits!

Good shots, by the way - and this time I am being serious.
Wow! Good on you! I love the pics! I've just watched the Olympics road race on tv so I'm all into cheering for cyclers atm! Lol!
I've never met a tandom couple that wasn't cool. :)

Glad to see you guys had a good ride, and the knee didn't give you problems. I have to admit, I really enjoyed the 24hour of Adrenalin mountain bike races when I was living in Georgia. Too bad I don't live in the mountains anymore to train for them. Have you two entered them before? I say go for it!
Now Jeanie..why would I think you had your tongue in cheek?!

Tandem riders really should wear matching outfits. You go faster of course!

Thanks for the cheering brissiemum!

G'day aero, thanks for dropping in! You can drop in anytime seeing you think tandem riders are cool! There just aren't that many of us in Australia compared to the US, so Aussie cyclists still need a bit of educating!
Bit of a distance issue getting to MTB races in the US! (But the 24 hour challenges are something I feel I need to hide from my husband, because he gets crazy ideas!)
By the way Trace - saw a tandem being cycled just down the road from us yesterday - although they have it much easier than you guys, being as we live on the FLAT part of the earth!
Hang on - you need and EXCUSE to cut school?

Why did no-one tell me that 30 years ago?

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