Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Stayin Alive

Between getting my backside out of the house three days a week to this new course, to a weekend full of cycling and netball, I've not been in the zone for waxing lyrical in blogland. Sitting here aimlessly catching up on my favourite blogs, yes. Composing anything remotely interesting - errr... no.

Ironic, really. The course I am doing to help me figure out what to do (in a follow your dream/passion/interests/skills/abilities kinda way) is the main thing that is taking me away from the couple of areas that I actually have an interest in pursuing. (ie. writing, and web design.)

[Would you be surprised to learn that the housework is suffering as well?]

If nothing else, I suppose it is giving me an insight into what life would be like doing what most mums already do. Things like having to rush around in the morning., and get out of the house the same time, or earlier than the kids. Not having the luxury of putting washing on/hanging it out mid-morning... or wandering into the shops any old time to pick up something for dinner... etc. Already I'm doing work experience it seems.. and I'm not an immediate convert. Why is it I think I want to work again?

Right now I'm not up to detailing the whys and wherefores of the course, so I'll leave that till.. um.. some time soon... maybe...

Meanwhile, on the other side of my life, the crazy adventures continue; we have our 100 mile ride (on the tandem) on Sunday week, and we are trying to get in a bit of training. We did around 80km on Saturday morning, and then snuck off from a netball carnival on Sunday for a quick 37km. I'm not quite sure what I did wrong, or differently, on Sunday (probably tried to make too much out of the 37km stint...) but by Monday morning, my left knee started playing up. It's not bad after a night's sleep, but gets gradually worse during a day of sitting in class and in the car driving to and fro to class, as well as the usual kid taxi runs.

Not happy Jan.

I had actually decided to take tomorrow off class (yes, I know, sounds slack already..) I have a good excuse, really. You see Marc has the day off work (local horseracing 'Cup Day' = many businesses giving up and giving employees the day off.) Plus it's his birthday! So it seemed an opportunity to do a serious training ride. One of my classes is computers (which is a basic, starting at 'this is how you turn the computer on' type of class so I won't miss much)... another is fairly 'meh', and I have the ability to catch up quick enough on the science class in the afternoon. (It's the first one, so most of it will be summarising what we are going to do...)

But. The KNEE is a problem.

Time to go to bed and see what tomorrow brings.
Good to see you!!

Oh, I definitely think it must have been the sitting in class that did your knee, not the insane cycling schedule!
You do know what happens don't you?

If you do it enough you get organized and the hectic can almost become normal.

Glad you decided to catch us up. I've been missing you.

Happy Birthday Marc

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