Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Look at moi...

... and concentrate .. because I've pretty much lost my voice.

I probably sound worse than I feel, but I don't mind the sympathy. It's hard to get as a mum, so I'll take what I can get anytime I can get it. This morning even the kids scurried into action once they heard my rasping attempts to get a sentence out. A bit of finger snapping to get their attention and it worked a treat. Makes you wonder if you could implement that strategy all the time, somehow. (Fortunate that the Daddy was around for back up though.)

Mind you there was a bit of coughing up of blechy stuff going on when I first got up, so I do plead infirmity. There was no point going into TAFE like this, and I decided to give myself the morning off from stressing over TAFE work.

I thought I might upgrade my blog to layouts or whatever it's called; the way this comments section slides off to the left has long driven me insane. I finally settled on a layout that I thought I could tweak to suit me - but then discovered that I couldn't even find the basic background colour code code to change, so I threw in the towel and reverted to what I had. If nothing else I am continuing my theme of going round in circles.

But while I have you all enthralled at my general pathetic-ness, I'll use your brains for ideas. You see, my friends, for this science project that I mentioned last post, I have to investigate a consumer product. Any consumer product I like. Sky's the limit. (No, budget is the limit. As is time. And bother.) Do some experiments.. some research.. and.. present a report. Something like that. (Do you think that I can find my worksheet for it right this minute?! Arrgh...)

And I haven't really got a clue what to do. Most of my inertia is of course motivated by sheer laziness. I'm probably not enough on the bandwagon of education enlightenment with this course, going back to past options that I may have inadvertently passed by. OK, so having a science unit has probably been useful in that it has very definitely knocked back down any wavering doubt I may have had that I unwisely missed an otherwise fantastic career opportunity back in high school when I ultimately did no science units for the HSC. I'm really just not a patient enough person to fiddle-faddle around with all the ins and outs of experimentation and the like. Hypotheses interest me.. but there it stops. Scratch science from the list of potential careers or jobs for me.

Unfortunately, this epiphany won't get me a 'pass' - and it would be rather stupid to not pass the course because of Attitude.

But what to test/research? Some people in the past have tested laundry detergents. Some stuff like brands of baked beans. Paper towel absorbency (and we mucked around with paper towels in class last week.) I'm vaguely tempted to do dishwashing liquid, because I do get frustrated when I wash up on other places sometimes... (particularly places like holiday units where they provide the el-cheapo stuff that barely creates any suds.) And I could get people in the course to bring in a sample of what they use (saves money on buying lots of samples.) But how do I test it?!! (And do I really want to find out that the dishwashing detergent I choose to buy isn't as good as I think it is?!!)

Anyhoo, if any of you lovely people have any brilliant ideas (that won't involve too much work for a lazy sod) then let me know! You never know... you might just come up with the perfect idea and save me a lot of angst!

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Dishwashing - test it on suds creation by volume against competitors and with varying temperature controls, test with spaghetti encrusted plates with time variables, smell and cost comparisons...

Socks - price, stretch, wear (3 girls, a beach - run them up and down until you have results)...

Toilet paper - longevity, appearance, smell, ability to change its own roll.

Bread - what is the threshhold of amount of seed to length the crust will be left by children?

My current science experiment is weed'n'feed - the area sprayed with the old bottle, nothing happened. The area sprayed with the fresh bottle of "extra strength" curled a little - except for the bits that are too voracious or were covered with dew...
what jeanie said. mostly about the dish detergent.
Phone cards - do you really get the minutes they say they do...I say "no"! Some brands are good while others are a complete rip off...but which?????

Dog treats - dog dog really go whacko for schmacks or some other brand.

Violet crumbles - take a new box and check out the percentage of bars that are snapped in two - seems like 100%.

microwave popcorn - which brands pop the most corn without burning, within the time frame stated on the pack and hythosthesise (for later reseach) on why this might be.

Enjoy your reasearching

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