Friday, September 05, 2008


So much for plans.

It's raining. A lot.

This means I am not on my bike, as was my plan for today.

Given that in two weeks time I am intending to sit on a bike seat for nigh on 24 hours, giving my bum time to get used to the idea of sitting on a bike seat for nigh on 24 hours does seem to be a good plan to have, albeit one not that easy to schedule around my new 'school' commitments, as well as the usual family Stuff. Today was my 'free' day for the week, and ideally I could have ridden maybe 60km, which would have been a reasonable bum toughening distance.

Marc and I did 89km last Sunday, and I managed 30km by myself the day before. On Tuesday, thanks to a teacher being absent, I prioritised bike time instead of study time, but ended up practising my tyre changing instead (not really the top of my list right now!) and thus only clocking up 20km.

Really, it's not enough, and I'm starting to stress just a wee bit about it all, and wonder what the hell I was doing when I agreed to do this.

I'm not so worried about the muscles; at least on a velodrome there are no hills. And the sleep deprivation is not something you can really train for. I'm trying to look at it as a big night out! OK, big day and night out. Reminds me of the occasional overnighters I did at college. Some to get assignments completed - some, of course, of the more social variety.

I'm not quite sure what category I'd put this little adventure in...

(What's that you say?... A category called, simply, "Madness"? Yep, you could be right...)

Mind you I have done a few overnight adventure things in my time: a few overnighter canoe marathons, so I'm not a stranger to overnighter endurance events. (Let's just forget the fact that I was much, much younger then - and we started paddling at 4pm - this bloody ride thing starts at 10am!)

And since then, of course, I have become a mum, and even if, in hindsight, I've emerged relatively unscarred from the battle zone of three babies' sleeping habits (blessed as I have been with pretty good sleepers), I have still experienced a few sleepless nights with newborn feeding issues, and then sick babies - and bigger kids for that matter... (while the Daddy slept through it all, but let's not go there!!!)

So where was I? It's raining. And I'm not riding. Because of all things, would you believe, I can't control the weather. Dammit!

I have, of course, six kazillion, seven hundred and twenty four other things I should and could be doing, and the issues I am having with time management and prioritising and procrastination would fill another blog post. (So I might leave them for another blog post, and perhaps attempt to do some of them now!)

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As it is a velodrome ride, could you put your bike on bricks and catch up on all the quality soap opera entertainment for a few hours - multitasking!!!
Category 'Madness' - yes, that should definitely do it! Good news on the course, by the way - it sounds really worth while.

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