Friday, September 26, 2008


Excellent timing. Not.

In keeping with the title of my last post: Convergence. Or - Why does everything happen at once?

My ISP, in their wisdom, decided to change over all their webhosting to new servers, right about NOW... and while they have all this waffle about temporary servers bla bla bla, I just don't have the time to wade through the geek speak to figure it all out. The personal website I have hosted there is not of any huge importance, and I can handle that being off the air for a couple of weeks.

BUT. As you might have figured by the little red cross at the top of this blog, that's where I just so happened to have been hosting my blog banner image.

And right now, as you'll figure from my previous post, it is not the ideal time for me to be re-uploading files to a new webserver - never mind trying to figure out whether they will actually show up yet or not till the 6th Oct, and what temporary url I'm supposed to use till then!!

Too hard basket!

So, for now, no blog banner. Perhaps early next week I'll work out an alternative. Right now, despite having made some progress (I've made the flied lice..) I really shouldn't even be sitting here typing blog posts of any description.

[Ed: At least I got the blog banner back and working!]



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