Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Been there, done that, got the cycling jersey.


Twenty frigging hours on a bike - less perhaps a total of an hour in breaks. Started 10am Saturday. Finished close enough to 6am Sunday. What I feared would happen happened, so the fairly strict 10 minute breaks were consumed by doing something I'd rather not have been doing - all the 'solo' riders, ie. the ones doing the whole distance, rather than as a relay team, were doing it 'together', so we'd stop together, and get back on the velodrome together. When they were going 'come on, come on', I got to the point of saying 'all very well for you blokes'. (Am I bitter? - just a little!)

Tell you more about it later... I spent hours yesterday stuffing around with my blog template, getting nowhere in the end... I thought I should report in so you know I survived... and I'll be back again later with more details...

Very well done.
Yea for you!!
Well done! And...you have your page header back, yay!

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