Saturday, October 14, 2006


Groundhog day...

Well, I'm in danger of making it so, because of my inability to get up and do anything.

Only difference is that it's a Saturday. Usually a weekend day is different, but Marc is at a Touch Footy tournament all day. Alison is at a party all day. It's me and the other two.

Cait is slothing on the lounge. Again.

Zoe is at the computer. Again.

So am I.

I didn't do any housework yesterday. One of those 'where the hell do I start?' issues.. so I didn't t start. I ducked out to the shops, and managed to produce a reasonable lamb roast for dinner. I did put a few loads of washing on the line, including washing the kids' bed sheets, so I had to make up beds at bedtime. (Wouldn't be me if I didn't leave it till then.)

As an illustration of how lethargic I feel, I didn't nag them to do much at all yesterday. Caitlin was still in her pyjamas at about 5pm. I got back from the shops and yelled at them to bloody well go outside because they had been inactive all day.

Zoe hassled me about what we were going to do for her birthday party. It is her birthday next Friday, but we will be going down to Sydney for the bike ride, so we will have to postpone it till the following weekend. I feel so guilty that I have no enthusiasm for it at all. That's a crime! She is only turning 8, and deserves her mum to be all 'into' making her birthday fun. This is me, of novelty cake fame... (one day I will redo those webpages) but it's like I've run out of fuel. I don't get much in the way of assistance from Marc. If he is here he will come along, but he's not one of these yee-ha party dads. She's had little parties most years.. not many kids (by her own choice), but I try and make them fun. Last year one of the boys she invited swung on the clothesline and broke it... and that was after he was being a pain in the neck anyway, and not participating in the games.

The older girls do help me with her parties, and have done for a few years. But I still just can't get into the mood for it. We are talking about going ten pin bowling, so I suppose we will do that. But I don't want to pay for the catered party - of crappy, fatty food. So I suppose we will go to a park afterwards, for cake, like we did for Alison. A platter of fruit, and birthday cake.

Should put Caitlin onto designing the invitation....

And pull myself out of this spin into Groundhog day.

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