Friday, November 24, 2006


Anxious? Who me?

I didn't realise I was that anxious about it.. but after mentioning my trip to the gyno to my M.I.L. who said "Oh that's another worry".. or something similar.. I think I started to wind myself up. You know that lying-in-bed-mind-running-riot -I'm-going-to-die-of-cancer kind of winding yourself up.

I should have taken my cue from the doctor. She had said she would send me a letter about the results. If she was that worried, she'd have been phoning, wouldn't she?

So I decided to ring today, and the wonderful receptionist was wonderful about it, and found the letter in the pile ready to go out, and read it to me, and it was all ok as expected.

I got off the phone and burst into tears - of relief. Chump.

I continue to be overwhelmed at how great the receptionists there are. I must have struck too many receptionist nazis in my past to be this grateful.. but I am.

Tree man hasn't rung me back. This is what has to be cleared. I went round to inspect it more closely, thinking I could at least pull it off the neighbour's fence, but no way.. much too heavy.


I totally understand. After three days of antibiotics and still having back pain and fever/temperature, I get on the internet and read up. Then of course start worrying that my urinary tract infection has become a kidney infection.

You did the right thing to ring them. Some people are just so nice. And isn't it funny that we are surprised by that? We expect them to be annoyed with us. Thank goodness for all the nice people. :)

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