Monday, December 04, 2006


The power and the passion

Naff post title.. but I think I'm a comedian. Apologies to Midnight Oil.

We still have electrical problems. But I have my dearly beloved back home, and being "with" him has been a greater drawcard than blogging over the weekend. Would you believe. Even if the 'with' involves, at some stage, sitting in close proximity on the lounge and watching the cricket with him. All together now.. "Awwww".

Well, there is more to it than wanting to hold his hand a bit, or rest my head on his shoulder and sigh, or finally get to bed - together - on Saturday night.

It's stuff like the novelty of a family meal - BBQ meals even. (He is OIC bbqs around here.. I don't try to cook them myself). It's the sitting down together, all five of us (and a bottle of wine).

It's being able to have a conversation that doesn't involve typing.

It's being able to watch Zoe skip around the stage in a ballet concert - and suffer through all the other items - together. (And we were not impressed with what the Grade 3 ballet class was 'showcasing' but that's another story... we'd rather watch them play netball! At least you get to see them for more than 2 minutes!)

I am so glad he is home.

The electrician, after 2 visits, replaced the circuit breaker in the meter box. And it 'went' for half a day, then tripped again. Marc spoke to him this morning, and got the distinct impression he wasn't really interested in solving the problem. Too much like hard work... sheesh. Looks like it is up to my Mr Fixit, who fortunately has the knowledge to 'play around' with power points (when the power is off.) We now have a mission to isolate each power point in turn, to discover where the 'breakdown' is. Fortunately there are only 7 points on this circuit.. and he did the laundry one before heading off to work. So far so good, 2 loads of washing.. and no circuit breaking. Next one in line is an outside one that requires some moving of junk from me.

And yes, you heard correctly.. he has gone to work. Three weeks away- for work - 11 hour days, and then usually dealing with emails etc back at the apartment ("I had one day off" he says) ... and he can't take today off. Pffft.. don't start me.

BUT. I am so glad he is home.

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Tracey, I so hear you on this one. Business trips really suck for the spouse. They're gone so long, giving all their time to "work" but get back and because they've been gone... their "work" has piled up so they have to be gone again to catch up.

Oh, wait though... work can take up as much of your family time it needs to, but family isn't supposed to encroach on the "work" time.

Makes you want to pull your hair out.

It's a nasty "club" to be in, but I'm glad I'm not alone.

Make the most of him when you can!
I do try to 'make the most of him'. LOL. Got a big list of 'daddy jobs'. Never mind the list of Things We Need To Decide.

Looks like he has to go back to KL for a few days between now and Christmas. Bah humbug.

It is nice to know I'm not alone too, fracas!
Three weeks? Ouch. AND trouble with the electricity?

Oy vey, lady. Are you up for sainthood? :)
NG, if I was going to get a sainthood it should have been in 2001 when he was away for 3 months. Apart from the kids being that much younger.. (Zoe was only 3), that was the month when I had car trouble with both our cars, as well as the lawnmower. On top of that, the car broke down on the way to the airport to pick him up!

(But anyway, I wouldn't qualify for sainthood on the grounds that my house is too much of a pigsty!)
Tracey I'll see you your 3 month story and raise you my 1 year story.

About five years ago, he took a job in a city about 8 hours away from here. It was supposed to be only 6 months but turned into a full year. We drove back and forth about every two weeks so the kids could see him. They were smaller then, (duh fracas, wouldn't that be a given) 5, 11 and 14.

I can't compete with the car breaking down since we'd just bought a new vehicle then but our furnace did die two weeks before Christmas. In Saskatchewan, that means somewhere between -20 and -30 Celsius. It was a nightmare. I called the power company at about 2 am because the flame was wildly blue (not good) and there was black soot all over the front of it. NEVER call these guys in the night... they decided I had to be shut off right then and there because the heat exchanger was cracked and carbon monoxide was a threat. Great. So we used the oven to keep warm until morning and got the heck out of there until a new furnace was installed. SHEESH. Why do the husbands miss all of this?

It's so that they learn that we can handle things without them so they'd better be darn good to us otherwise what the heck would we need them for?

That's my theory anyway and I'm sticking to it.

And before you even say it NG, I cannot be a Saint either. I have a huge potty mouth!
*folds* !!! Never mind the 8 hours away stuff... You win on the temperature and no heating.

I have never experienced temperatures that cold! Can't imagine it.. Unbelievable...

I bet your other half 'heard' about it in no uncertain terms!

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