Friday, December 01, 2006


Why do today what you can put off till ...

Vacuum the floor? Nah... I need to embed a temperature thingy in my blog. And then a clock. That's waaaay more important.

Marc's not back till tomorrow. HEAPS of time to run around trying to do the sort of cleaning up I should have been doing consistently over the past few weeks.

Besides, today I am waiting on the 'tree man' to come and cut up that branch that fell into the vacant block. (Ummm, relevance?)

I also had to ring an electrician. Last night around 8pm suddenly the computers and TV went PFFFT. We were a bit confused for a minute. The lights were still on, so it wasn't another blackout. I realised something had blown the fuse/shorted the circuit breaker.. whatever the technical term for it is. Hmmmm.

Fortunately we have 2 power circuits, and the "important" side of the house (ie. with fridge, kettle... and, upstairs, my alarm clock!!) was ok. (So theoretically, I can still vacuum.)

I unplugged the computers and tried to flick the circuit breaker. Nup. Pulled out the TV. Nup. Rang Marc in Malaysia to consult. I was doing the right thing. He said to keep turning things off on that circuit, till it worked. No luck, everything is off/unplugged on that circuit, but it won't go on again. But at least we weren't 'powerless', so I'd just have to ring an electrician in the morning.

And, of course, run an extension cord across the dining room and loungeroom so I could have my computer working again. Priorities! (And I could run another extension cord across my bedroom so I could iron the school uniforms. Hooray for extension cords.)

I picked an electrician out of the Yellow Pages.. Despite living up this side of town (which is why I picked him) of course he was working on the other side of town. He could come late this afternoon. After 5.00. No good, I have swimming. Ah.. you might swim with my stepdaughter, he says. Yep, I know her.. have swum with her before; she's good, she swims in a 'gun' class on another night. So, we're second best mates now. He even offered to come after 7.00 tonight (while he was visiting his son a few streets away..)... I suggested the morning, seeing we could get by with our extension cords, and that's fine. 7.30 tomorrow morning. There goes the sleep in! Probably just as well.

So I have till tomorrow morning to make the place presentable. Hah!!

I have the swimming lesson run for the girls straight after school. Bit frustrating. Zoe could get a lift with a friend today (we take it in turns).. but Alison accidentally broke Zoe's goggle straps when she used them on the weekend (she has lost her goggles... doh.. that's another story...).. so I need to go and buy new straps (and put them on) before she starts.

Also, the last time she got a lift with this friend, they didn't get to eat a snack in the car on the way from school to the pool. I got the impression that you wouldn't be allowed to eat in their car, whereas my priority is for my kid to have the fuel she needs to swim solidly for an hour... and you can't do that from 3.30 till 4.30 when the last thing you ate was at 1.15. (And I usually feed this other kid when it's my turn to take them.)

That's a priority that I think I have got right. So I would actually rather take Zoe so she can eat.

In terms of the house, though....

Thank you to my good friend E. in Canada, who, though she has never seen me, or the true state of my house, knows me all too well, and sends me fridge magnets like this in Christmas parcels.


Procrastination is the name of the game, baby. Why clean when you can play online?
Sure. Put up the temperature just as mine are dropping. *sob* I don't want winter.

I know the way to a clean house. Works every time for me.

Invite company.
Very true, E.
Tracey, I like the idea of the extension lead to the computer. I'm the same... I can sit in a dark house, with no telephone. As long as the computer's working I'm happy. Don't know what I did without it. Of course, if it is dark you can't see the mess.
Oh yes, E, that's how we usually operate. And that's why I've not invited anyone here after the mad cleaning up before the visitors we had last Christmas. I was so exhausted from the cleaning up, I didn't enjoy the visitors!
My mother-in-law once said that if I spend all that time cleaning just because she was coming and then not enjoying the visit she would refuse to return.

I took her at her word and just did a light tidy up for her. The sky didn't fall in so I learned to stop fussing.

( she had the neatest house and the best ironing and nothing out of place, but that was her choice and she really didn't expect me to follow suit. She liked coming just to visit, not inspect )

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