Thursday, November 30, 2006


There's that karma thing again..

I think I got 'got'. Twice. In one day. *Ouch*

So I gloated about our lovely weather.. over at Northern Girl's place.. and at Fracas'. Jinx. Noone likes a smartypants, really. Even if they did mention Australia and I just jumped in and went all 'yoo hoo! yes, Australia!, it's lovely here this time of year, come on over'.

So we suffered. 40 degree heat here yesterday. (That's around 110 Farenheit I think.)
God it was hot. Would have traded for some snow and ice in an instant. The poor kids had Touch after school, and we had to turn up because Cait was meeting us there. Alison wasn't keen on going, and I only made her because it was a team sport. I dunked their shirts in water and they put them on wet. And the Landcruiser has kick-arse airconditioning. The Kids Touch (for Zoe) was cancelled, but they went ahead with the Junior games, just as a gusty southerly (ahead of a storm front) blew in. That was insane in itself, with wind gusts of up to 85 kph nearly blowing us off our feet (I'm using the Bureau of Meteorology stats here) but at least the temperature dropped at least 10 degrees in 5 minutes.

I also spruiked about a breakthrough I had with Her Highness over an issue two nights ago. Where I handled something right for a change and she didn't stomp off to bed yelling at me. I was all smugly 'Eureka, I've got it!' I'd made the breakthrough and so now all I had to do was just apply that strategy next time and every time and .. voilĂ  .. instant mother-daughter harmony. Barely 12 hours later we had the arguing and stomping and threats that "You are lucky I even told you I wanted to do that, I could have just gone and done it and you wouldn't have known" over something I decided wasn't necessary or appropriate for her to do today. (In other words I said "No" to something she wanted to do.) You're right Northern Girl. "Slushy". Some days it flows like a river of chocolate. Some days it's ice and snow and blizzard conditions.

Did I mention here we have decided to do the NSW Big Ride again next year? Yep, most people we know think that we're craaaazzzy... but before you start casting nasturtiums (*wink*), check out these guys who are riding around America and Mexico with their twin 8 year old sons on a triplet and a single bike. (Warning: if you are hooked enough to start reading their entries, they are up to #148, so you might whittle away a few hours on a vicarious adventure. Don't forget what else it was you were going to do right now!)

Anyway, back to our measly "little" Big Ride, then. Marc decided to pull out of the Touch tournament in NZ so as to spend the time doing family stuff. It may not be long before #1 is not interested in doing stuff like that with us. He is also conscious of how much time he spends away with work. I am proud of him .. it was a shit of a decision to have to make.

(Did I mention that I missed him when he worked away?)

Did I also mention that it was hot yesterday?!! Hot enough to melt! Love this entry in the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition in Sydney in early November.
(I nicked this pic, and cropped it, from Graces' Blog. I didn't think they'd mind!)

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I'd like to tell you some magic will happen and it'll all be good from say, three months after she turns 15 or something. Unfortunately, it's more like around 18/19 before some sense creeps back into those teenage girls. So far, the 15-16 year old stage has been the hardest to cope with for us (and if you asked her, for her too).

Just hang in there. They hate us now but if we can get through ages 13 to 18, there's what... a good forty years left before we start thinking about dying. In that respect, suffering five teenage years doesn't seem like such a long haul. (Yeah.. I tell myself that each day. Some days I believe myself, others I tell myself what a total lying idiot I am. ;-)
Being a parent runs hot and cold with me - and I so hear you, Tracey, fracas, about surviving the 'teen' time. What a mess.

Knowing I'm not alone helps. So much.

(You want some cold? You can HAVE it. -1F on my way in to work this am. I have no idea what that is in C. I'm sure there is a website that makes all those conversions, but I'm too tired to find it right now.)
A rough conversion to get from celsius to farenheit is to 'add 15 and double it'... or 'double it and add 30'. And the reverse from F to C.

But once you hit the negatives I don't have a clue. You didn't mean 1 degree Farenheit did you?!! Please tell me that's not possible!
here's the conversion calculator

So -1F is equal to -18C

We use Celsius here but I was old enough (grade school) when Canada switched to the Metric system so I know both.. the best of both worlds. Right now in Saskatchewan, it's -15C but feels like -27C with the wind. The coldest day I can remember was during the week of my son's birthday about a dozen years ago. The temperature itself was in the low -30's or high -40's and with the wind we were told it felt like -58C. That is no lie. I will remember this always because I (like an idiot) was about the only person out that day... I had no choice, I was getting loot bag stuff for the boy's birthday party.
I started out school in pre-metric times too... I think being more isolated (geographically)from the USA, I made the conversion to celsius more quickly than all the rest of the stuff. (ie. I still think of baby birth weights in pounds!).

Probably because over here, Farenheit never got that low, I find it hard to comprehend!!
Hell, we complain if it's under 10 degrees in the middle of winter. That's 10 degrees CELSIUS!!

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