Sunday, December 17, 2006


Fix a hoist with sticky tape..

There's this kids' song:

'When Mr Clickety Came..
he plays a silly game..
and all the kids in the street ..
they like to do the same
Wash your face with orange juice...Wash your face with orange juice
Clean your teeth with bubble gum...Clean your teeth with bubble gum
Fix a fence with sticky tape... Fix a fence with sticky tape
Brush your hair with a toothbrush
.. Brush your hair with a toothbrush
Clean your teeth with bubblegum... Clean your teeth with bubblegum...
Belly flop on a pizza... Belly flop on a pizza?!

So anyway I've been singing 'Fix a line with sticky tape' in my head all day.. Because I fixed the clothes line... again.. with duct tape. (It broke over a year ago when a kid at Zoe's birthday party swung on it.) One day I suppose we will have to fix it properly...

Just seemed like a bit of a metaphor for the way the day started. And the way I feel about the rest of the week. Hand me the sticky tape, please.

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Well, there is a saying in my family.

If you didn't laugh, you'd cry!

Why don't they build stronger sticky tape? Or hoists?
First thought "Ooh I love the snowflake effect!"
Second thought "Hang on, this is Tracey's blog! A Christmas theme? A Winter Christmas theme? Poor dear, she's lost it." XD
Ever seen a red snowflake? They must be cinders from the bushfires...

Don't panic.. We haven't got the christmas tree up, and I don't think we will now. All the effort has gone into the cards and graphics.
Oh, and, jeanie! ...
My question is, why don't the hoists get built with stainless steel parts.. Living by the ocean, everything around here rusts.. and that's what the problem is .. that, and the plastic bit.

The duct tape holds out for quite a while actually. It's only when I do something really silly like leave damp towels in the rain, so they get satched.. and very heavy... very very heavy...
What happened to the 'Fry an egg on a slippery-dp' line?
You're right Anon! How could we have forgotten that line!!

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