Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Just shoot me..

What a crazy day yesterday. Yes, I found the swimmers.

Marc and I have this theory about finding things you have lost or misplaced. A good 90% of the time they are always 'in the first place you looked'. You just never look properly the first time. (Or even the sixth time in my case yesterday.) It's amazing how many times this holds true.

So they were in the car. The first place I looked. Behind one of the folded up seats in the very back. I looked behind the one on the right hand side (where I thought I'd draped the swimmers.) I didn't look behind the one on the left hand side. I don't know why.

So I missed my swimming for no reason. I cried.

And I did a number of other very vague things in the afternoon, as we headed into town for an appointment and then the shops, to the extent that Cait and Ali were shaking their heads and saying "You're seriously losing it Mum!!!" Just before they convinced me to get takeaway KFC for dinner.

I went to bed a bit earlier last night. (Though I had to get up to take some cough medicine around 3.30 am.)

And I took myself for a walk this morning before it got too hot.. (Exercise endorphins are supposed to help,right?.) After a stint in the primary school library- at around 35 degrees outside, and no airconditioning - I would have cheerfully jumped into an ice bath.. (or teleported myself to Northern Girl's place) but I have cooled down now. Thank heavens for our house and the sea breeze we get.

And, thank heavens for little gems that you find on the internet:

This guy started out putting up little videos of him "dancing" when he was travelling overseas.. as a way of keeping in touch with family and friends. A chewing gum company saw them, and approached him (!!!) and funded more travel for more dancing! He put together this video - I guarantee it'll put a smile on your face and make everything seem right with the world for a short time at least.

His name is Matt Harding and his website is called Where the hell is Matt?

And I just found his "Where the hell WAS Matt" on YouTube. Same music, different places. Still funny, but the other one is more polished.

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That's such an awesome story, kind of like the old "getting discovered in the soda shoppe" thing.

So I followed your link and went to Matt's site, and then I went to the Stride Gum site. Honestly, I love their site. You have to go sit through the "presentation" and the "meeting", it's the kind of marketing I think is genious. I hate ads, hate being marketed to and this totally entertained me. I even had to do the chewometer. So this is gum I'd buy just because I like the marketing.

Thanks! Between the million dollar pixel guy and now Matt, I have been reinspired!
Hiya fracas, thanks for dropping by! You said you would too!

Million dollar pixel guy?
*laughs*... googled it and found it, of course. What a concept!

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