Wednesday, April 11, 2007


If you can't say something nice I will put you in the trash can.

The one good thing about your own blog - as opposed to say a bulletin board - or 'real life' even - is that you have the power to hit a delete button. So when you get wallies who don't read the request in your sidebar - the one that says 'If you can't say something nice, don't say ANYTHING' - you can just ERASE them.

You know the type... the people who don't like what you've written because they think it is trivial, but find the time to post an even more trivial comment telling you that you that they can't believe you have the time to waste on trivial topics! AND! They are always too gutless to say who they are. "Anonymous to protect identity"? Give me a break. 'Anonymous because I am Gutless' would be more appropriate.

So, it is such a liberating feeling again today to be able to hit that little trash can, and tick the box that says 'Delete comment forever'.

Don't you wish you had one of them in the 'real' world sometimes - for the type of people that are unnecessarily and insufferably rude for no reason at all. The type that think they must be better than you ! That come into your personal space, and then say something to put you down.

By all means, gutless people, write your own blogs, and have a whinge about the blogs you think are full of trivial stuff. But while you're doing that, just realise that you are doing exactly the same. Writing about something TRIVIAL!

Which is what I'm doing right now, but hey, I'm not the one writing negative things on other people's blogs, criticising them for being trivial !!!!!

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It's your blog, you can say / do what you like. If readers enjoy it, they'll be back to read more, if not they move on.

I don't understand why someone would contradict themselves and post a trivial comment on a blog they think trivial.

If you'd left the comment up we could have all have poked fun at it and hey if you're reading this "anonymous" which I have a feeling a lurker like you would come back just to see what kind of reaction you have generated, come and visit my blog while you're at it. Mine will be just as trivial if not more so.
Get a life! We are all generous enough to share snippets of ours with other bloggers however trivial you might find it
In fairness, when I read it again, it was a tongue in cheek 'dig', and I've taken the bait, hook, line and sinker. Geez I hate it when I do that:

"Geez you women are all the same, complaining about the smallest things..."

But the power I have over my own blog just overwhelmed me, particularly because of the Anonymous to protect IDENTITY bit. In the past I've had other not so tongue in cheek comments criticising the triviality of my posts, so I just overreacted.

Thinking about it is was probably one of two people. My husband (who has a warped sense of humour at times) or a certain guy who a few of us 'know' from our bulletin board days who has that sort of sense of humour.

It is the sort of thing Marc would say to me at home to stir me up, because he is just a bloody stirrer. However, he seems to be allergic to commenting on anything on the internet, so I'm going with the Other One!

And I love being able to figuratively put someone in the garbage bin. Love it.

My house, my rules!! I rock.
cheeky bugger
Welcome to the ranks of being a comment deleter.

I just think it means you're cranking up a gear because your words are having an affect on others. Sure negative in this case, but for every negative there's many positives.

Just wait till you get the apocalyptic religious tirades. They are SO old....
Yeah, I got one of those bible bashers once. It was long! That was when I moved to using word verification.
I also get the 'Nice post..' followed by some plug for some obscure website of their own.
This time I have to confess that it wasn't as negative as I thought. But my post still stands! I think I am doubly reactive because of the negative experiences that finally drove me away from 'the' bulletin board.
Here, I am determined to stay in control, and I have the right because it is MINE!!! *insert evil cackle*
Wow. Comments you need to delete. You must be becoming widely read. Isn't mockery the highest form of flattery? Is that the saying? Or have I mixed it up? Now I'm trying to figure out who from a previous bb would know where to find you. And as for religious rantings, that would go down well...NOT.
Hands up over here for another trivial blogger. I don't care if my posts are mostly trivial. I write it for me (and those friends who I have told about it) and it's a bonus that others read it - I get to interact with people who I would otherwise have never met.

For someone to come along and ruin your experience is frightfully rude. Thankfully, this hasn't happened to me yet (but then again, I don't allow anonymous comments. I suppose someone could go to the trouble of creating a google or blogger account to make a comment but you'd have to be a pretty dedicated arse to do so.)

Of course, if it was all done as a joke...but still, if they know you well they should know that you'd delete first, ask questions later!
I have never understood people complaining about what you write on your blog. It's tacky, like complaining about a person's draperies or furniture.
I'm so misunderstood :-(

You figured me out and realised it was just a lark but hey, you make a very salient point - why would anyone read a blog and then complain about it? I didn't realise people actually _did_ that?!?

I'll stay in the trash can with Oscar until the Swans win, so only a few days :-P
*sighs*.. I've had a couple of anonymous comments where someone has said 'I can't believe you have the time to go on about such trivial stuff.. get a life'.. or words to that effect!

Should see some of the flaming some of the actual popular bloggers get. Sheesh...

So, yeah.. I did tap off...! Bit of a Traceyism. *sheepish look*
But Jebus, next time you wind me up it might be safer if you don't hide!! If I know it's you I'll just *hit* you. Or you code yourself as a swannies supporter, and all will be forgiven!

I've kept the anonymous option open because of net friends who aren't necessarily bloggers. I mean, I need all the (friendly) comments I can get!!

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