Saturday, July 14, 2007


I didn't clean today either.

But I got up at 5.15 am to go bike riding. Brownie points for my Exercise Badge anyway. Bonus ones because me getting up at that time off my own bat is still worthy of acknowledgement. I didn't have anyone to grumble to - so I didn't even grumble!

I only rode 24km in 'C' group, and even slower than I could have gone because I chose, after about half way, to bring up the rear to keep a slower rider friend (and a slower 10 yr old girl) company - and we lost the rest of the group. Aren't I nice. But still. It's my comeback - t's 24km better than nothing - and the endorphins are doing a bit of a jiggle.

In the afternoon I also rode around 6km up the beach and back with Zoe and her friend. (So that brings my total to 30k!) This is a crop of just Zoe, (for the sake of privacy and all that stuff...)

Why didn't I get round to having a friend of hers with a bike round to play earlier than this? (She just doesn't happen to have any mates with bikes who live in the same street.) But I now believe there is such a thing as positive peer pressure. "C'mon Zoe!!" Never seen her ride so fast on her own bike to keep up with her friend. She is still a bit 'clutzy' and ultra-cautious, but, wow... They rode to the shop and back by themselves. Then up the beach. (Then I bought them (us) an icecream, and left them to play in the park for a bit, and ride back themselves.)

Marc won't recognise her as the same child when he gets home. What a difference two days can make.

By contrast, the 14 yr old has been Inactive all day. I am a bit concerned that I may have to have her surgically pried from the computer keyboard - and against my better judgement I even went to bed before her last night because of wanting to go to bed earlier than my usual. It isn't a trend I particularly want to adopt, but I probably should choose my battles. It is still school holidays, but I had better nudge her back into a more sensible circadian rhythm by back to school time on Tuesday. I suppose by then she will be back into the netball... and she can afford a few Days of Sloth. I suppose this sloth thing is a teenagey thing to do, and I am risking being called for hypocrisy when it comes to spending an above average amount of time on a computer. It could be worse I suppose- we don't own any form of game station/x-box thingies; she spends much of her time creating graphic 'blends' for various online competitions.

At least she might end up earning money out of it one day. More chance with that than anything that might involve working out 24 hour time. Or cleaning!

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Zoe sure is growing up. *smile*
Damn right she's growing. UP. Her jeans are too short, but they are also loose. Which creates a bit of a dilemma!
Found you blog to be refreshing - nothing mundane about it. Will visit again.
Thanks for dropping in SanityRules!
Yay for Zoe turning the cycle corner!!!

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