Monday, July 09, 2007



Back home. Back to washing. Back to kids slothing. Back to kids making mess.

And my back is sore, which doesn't make for a happy-go-lucky Tracey in the second week of the school hols.

I do look forward to holidays, and getting a break from the usual madness of the school/after-school routines. But car travel, and not being in your own bed, has the potential to throw me right out of whack - literally - and right now I am pondering the "cost" of these school holidays to my physical (and therefore mental) wellbeing!! (I am better off riding a tandem 500km, and sleeping on a camping inflatable mat!)

I guess my Back just does not like it when I stop doing any of my usual exercise for a few days. I've had a pretty good few months with it, but what I've done (and not done) in the past week and a half is a really bad way to treat an 'Iffy' Back. Great idea to sit in a car for hours (drinking coke and eating chips or chocolate - that's good for the weight loss, did you know?), and then go and sleep in 'other' beds that just don't help. NOT. Meh, it is not excruciatingly bad, but it's a nagging ache; I am thusly not feeling very much like doing anything, and I am fully aware of the 'vicious circle' syndrome coming in to play: Not doing any exercise because my back hurts. Back hurts because I'm not doing any exercise. Repeat.

My chiropractor visit last Thursday didn't seem to help much. (Hah! And so then I went and slept in a crappy bed for another 2 nights! - The spare bed at my MIL's isn't the best - the bed slopes to the outside, and so I had to resort to sleeping with a pillow wedged under me on that side!) So I am going to try a massage on Wednesday in the hope that that might get me back on track. Right now, even though it might do me some good, the thought of getting on a bike makes me cringe - and Wednesday seems like a long while away.

But we did see dolphins!

And Zoe, despite denying having missed me, spent most of the one hour each way ferry trips sooking up for cuddles.

And we spent some time with Nana - Marc doing some odd jobs for her around her townhouse as well as the ferry trip.


the massage sounds good...
so do the kidlet cuddles :)
Yay dolphins! We see them everytime we go to Tybee Beach, and I never get tired of it.

As for the back-exercise-back-no exercise cycle- Ugh, and Ugh. I have the same issue with my hip. I hate doing the exercises, they're so tedious and BORING, but if I don't, I can't walk..gee what to do.
That's not a dolphin! It's an additive to Tuna!

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