Saturday, November 24, 2007


Go ahead.. make my day...

We went out and bought a $20 bottle of bubbly in anticipation of the result we want in our country's federal election today. If we get to open it, it will top off a pretty good day.

We had a successful outrigger practice this morning, with the experienced outrigger canoe club guys giving us all praise. While I felt it in the arms and back at the time, I think my swimming must help just a bit with the upper body strength.

Alison and Zoe amused themselves by paddling their boogie boards out to the jetty, and lo and behold, Zoe even did the famous jetty jump [as pictured left when Alison did it at a surf camp in January - she is up to about jump #34!]. Zoe, being our Ms Cautious, would be the girl least likely to jump off a jetty a few metres down into deep water, and I'm just cheesed that I missed seeing it! Apparently it was scary enough that she's not planning on repeating it in a hurry - though perhaps I could shame her into it

Seeing we all did so well, we decided we'd earned brunch - or rather an 'all day brekkie' at a local cafe. Yum!

Later in the afternoon Marc, Alison and I got on our bikes, rode to the school to vote, and then across the highway to the next village down to buy the champagne from the bottle shop. What you call optimism, though we reserved the right to drown our sorrows.

Follow that up with a swim at the beach, which always leaves me with an inner warm fuzzy glow, totally chuffed with living in a wonderful spot.

We are cautiously optimistic here at 8.30pm, and Marc's just retrieved the bubbly from the fridge. Won't be game to drink it all tonight as I don't want to be paddling with a headache!! But if I wake up to the news that John Howard has also lost his seat - it's in the balance - I might just have some for breakfast as well.


Finally, the morally bankrupt Howard government is out!!


As I said in my text: WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I cannot wait to watch Insiders later on this morning!
So did you have a hangover this morning? ;)

Oh and you make me so envious! I actually did 10 minutes on the exercise bike this evening before I stopped and I thought that was good going! Rofpsml!
I hope you enjoyed the bubbly!
I did enjoy the bubbly - ($20 being a more 'upmarket' bottle than we'd usually get you see!), though it was tempered by the fear of having a headache the next day. I stopped at two glasses (Marc finished it off!).. and then drank gallons of water - so naturally I was up to the loo in the night!

I came through the bubbly unscathed.. pity the same can't be said for the outrigger paddling - see next post!

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