Monday, October 16, 2006


Back to school.

The end of the school holidays caught up with us, and this morning was a pretty dismal performance.

Alison and Zoe missed the bus (fortunately for them Marc was heading to work around 9.00 so was able to drop them off on the way.)

The only thing I got right was having ironed all their school uniforms on Saturday.. though I had to do a quick job on Cait's long pants (the day dawning rainy and cool again and I'd lazily passed on ironing those thinking they wouldn't see the light of day again till autumn next year and sent them unironed to be scrunched up in her wardrobe!).. and a school jacket.

Alison sat fiddling around with pencils and pencil cases, deciding what to pack to take back to school.

Zoe splattered toothpaste all over the front of her school shirt.

Zoe couldn't find even ONE hairband.. the one that was located promptly broke as I tried to put her hair in a pony tail.

Alison couldn't find the plastic lunchbox she usually sits in her soft cooler lunch box. I unearthed both hers and Zoe's soft cooler boxes from the laundry where I'd dumped them to wash/bleach but didn't. Caitlin pulled hers out of her bag, and found a cockroach in it. I think it is still outside where she threw it.

At one point I sat on the end of the lounge, curled up almost into a foetal postion, and considered staying there all day.

Failure. Failure. Failure.

It's all because we went out all day yesterday.. on a bike ride.

I was so busy being pathetic the rest of the holidays, that I had no time to nag people to unpack school bags, and wash cooler bags. Did I.

The exercise yesterday helped me a bit, psychologically. I didn't feel inexplicably teary on the way back (just on the way down.) And maybe I've reached the critical point in my cycle where I might be capable of clawing my way out of my PMS excuse cloud - for a couple of weeks at least. Although I am sure I have documented in the past my belief that there is possibly such a thing as Post Menstrual Stress.

Tonight is another netball committee meeting, and, as with almost every other thing in my life at the moment, I am struggling to feel enthusiastic. Got the 'don't cares'. Got the the 'I don't even play this bloody game, so I don't really give a .....'s' It was a big year, and I could really do with a break from it, but the secretarial job doesn't really end.. and they are running a bloody twilight comp, and I have to be available for rego tomorrow night, and ..... blah...

Meetings at night are always a pain for me. Babysitting issues. Caitlin is often at netball training in town (getting a lift home by about 7pm). Marc is away half the time, and when he isn't, he plays Touch on Monday nights. I have used the president's husband for babysitting on numerous occasions, but it's basically a hassle packing them up to go there.. either eating by 5.30, or taking food with them. And having dinner for a ravenous Caitlin as soon as she is dropped off there after training.

Yesterday I looked up Marc's Touch game time in the paper, and, as it turns out, read it to be the time I wanted it to be, and not the time it actually was. I had it all planned that this time I'd take the younger girls with me when I dropped the netballers in town, drop them off with Marc, they could go with him to his 6pm Touch game, then come home. Cait could let herself in and eat. I decided the menu for tonight based on that plan. Something Cait could serve herself with quickly when she got in.

As Marc climbs into bed last night he informs me that I had it wrong. He plays at 7pm. D'oh. Had a sleepless half hour trying to decide whether to a) ditch the meeting altogether (but I am a control freak and don't want anyone else doing MY minutes, or making decisions without me); b) do the babysitting at friend's option (but that's a pain in the arse meal-wise, plus it makes the night even later for them) or c) leave the younger two at home, with Marc on the end of the phone and skype at the office till 6.45, by which time Cait will almost be home (plus they can ring me in the meeting, I don't care.)

Going with c). And will stress myself out while doing so.

Meantime, I have alleviated the stress of not having done the minutes.. they are done, and all I have to do now is refill the ink in my printer. (And there was no majorly important correspondence that I was supposed to have done and forgotten.)

My swimming class is back and happening this afternoon, so hopefully that will make me feel better as well. I woke up with a bit of a headache... so hopefully the HLEE's will all dance around gleefully and help me get my shit together by tonight.

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