Tuesday, July 10, 2007


97% Guilt-Free

Which, like the fat-free claims, leaves you with 3% pure and unadulterated guilt. I'm talking the guilt of a mother who feels like she and her children should be doing something more something in this second (of two) week of the school holidays.

This week, however, is not shaping up to be very interesting at all.
The 97% of reason tells me that:

So - what the hell. We just watched Torchwood (Episode 4) from last night. And I'm about to leave them watching the final in this series of Life on Mars which I have already seen. (Bring on Series 2 - I want a resolution!!) We might even just watch more tv or dvds tonight. Dinner? - with no Dad, we might just have something less 'balanced' and do something easy like scrambled eggs and bacon!

Miraculously this morning I could walk on my foot. Go figure. So bizarre. Unlike my poor husband who has had a few airport transits to make today - two extra than normal with a Sydney-Adelaide-Singapore-KL trip this time. And you don't realise just how much walking is involved in airports until you are incapacitated in some way. (Fortunately for him it is a temporary thing.)

Off to the chiropractor for me... surely with that, and a massage, I'll be back to myself and I can concentrate on that 3%.

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Nothing wrong with lazy time.

I'm taking away that 3%

Welcome home! There's nothing wrong with relaxing for a day- everybody needs a mental retreat after a busy week!
Just responding to your comment on my blog - 6 teaspoons of milo seems a modest amount ;) (to me anyway)

Not too off-topic for a post enititles 97% fat free, don't you think?!
Oh Trace - you can barter your 3% away on the self-beating you impose.

You deserve bacon and scrambled eggs for dinner and a sloth day for you and the girls!!!

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