Monday, July 09, 2007


Laurel and Hardy

It's a slapstick double act here tonight at any rate. We are both hobbling around - both with sore left feet. Marc's is a bonafide 'touch' injury tonight - running backwards (as you do in touch) and tripping over a teammate and twisting his ankle. Bad timing for going away for work tomorrow.

Me? I did absolutely nothing to mine, but as stupid as that sounds, it is still agony to walk on nonetheless. Somewhere around dinner time my left foot started hurting. Weird.. But I've had this sort of thing happen before with my feet, and it has ended up being related to my back/hips... and the chiro has eventually sorted me out. This time it is sore along the outside of my foot - side and bottom. Putting pressure on my foot to walk is agony- and even just sitting with my feet up it throbs. It's bearable if I walk on my toes on that foot.

I think it is all the more frustrating because I didn't actually do anything to it. And I feel pretty silly - almost as if I'm attention-seeking because he is hurt - though for the record I told him on the phone that my foot was really sore before he told me what he'd done to himself.

So picture both of us here tonight doing the *limpety limp - hoppity hop* -it looks just bloody ridiculous when we are both trying to get around.


I had the sore foot thing some years ago and the chiro fixed me up too. Like you say, it was all related to the hip or back area. I think one leg had become shorter than the other and he had to pull one leg back into place or do something to my back or both.

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