Thursday, July 12, 2007


Ab Flab

It was high time I got back on track after limping around aimlessly in the Wilderness of Sloth there over the past couple of weeks. I can't say that the massage yesterday worked miracles (my back still felt quite niggly this morning) but perhaps it did help me to cross the line back into a state of mind where I could even consider getting my body back on a bike.

All morning, though, I was drawn, as usual, to the computer ... the internet ... blogs ... like some wretched, bedraggled moth to a light globe. I managed to ring the NRMA. They came. He took one look under the bonnet and pointed out that the fan belt had skewed off and sliced into the power steering reservoir, which - look! - was leaking everywhere. Hmmm. He shifted the belt back on, but it was Tow Time. Tow arrived an hour or so later.. and Dopey here handed him my whole clump of keys to move the car out onto the truck. House keys. Car keys (ie. cars - plural). Like I said. Dopey.

Ironically it was the senior moment that finally got me back on the bike. I debated whether to drive up and pick up my 'clump', or to ride my bike! I'm proud to say the ride won out. 9.77km better than nothing. And it felt good!

It's my official comeback!

It didn't cure my back - afterwards it just felt sore in a different way. (And then my knee niggled a bit, but I've decided if I just ignore that it might go away.) Later I lay down and did some stretches (which actually seem to have helped a bit), and then, while I was on the floor, I thought maybe I should do a few of my very basic ab exercises - the ones I have learnt in my weight/personal trainer sessions and which I should be doing every day but I don't because they are boring and niggly and difficult for one with ab flab like me...

.. Oh dear, yes, the old ab flab is the big challenge. I was reminded starkly of this when I was standing starkers (as one does) in the shower at my mother-in-law's last weekend, and it happened that you could get a very clear view of one's nekkid self in the vanity mirror. Very. Flabby. Abs. I would look a whole lot slimmer if not for the flabby abs. And unfortunately they are not something that will be affected particularly much by any amount of bike riding that I do.

I made some (more)resolutions about exercise in general, and abs in particular.

And seeing I can't help but blog, and I'm as unlikely to give that up as give up my glass or three of wine each night, I've decided to take a theme-type leaf out of some other blogs I enjoy, and add a footnote to my blog post each day, bragging listing what I manage to do by way of exercise each day.

Heaven knows I need to find some prompt, some reinforcement, to get on track and stay on track. The theory (according to Tracey) goes: When I manage to get those endorphins dancing, get fitter, feel fitter, lose some weight, (tone the abs), I will be in a frame of mind that will then enable me to confront and get a handle on all the other daily nemeses I have allowed to grow and fester around me.

Particularly the abs.

9.77km bike ride. Not that far, but a good way to ease back into it. Plan is to ride the 20+ km at the community ride on Saturday. As long as I can get the bike in the Landcruiser. And get up by myself at 5am!

Stroll up to shop, and back via beach with Zoe. Not strenuous, but at least it got her out of the house! Once she is out, she does stuff like running! (Pity I had to bribe her with an icecream.)

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abs, they do try me most sorely. If I'd always been soft in the middle maybe it wouldn't be so bad, but I remember a time when I had rock hard abs, highly defined and strong and wonderful.

4 children and 20 years later...I don't know if they're ever coming back and besides that I despise situps!

If you get yours back tell me where you found them. Maybe mine are there.

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