Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Next step: muesli for dinner

The kids reckoned the (curried) scrambled eggs and bacon last night was yum, but were also tickled by the concept of having breakfast for dinner.

"So what are we having for breakfast tomorrow? Stir-fry?"


It is kind of tempting to stretch things just a bit more and have cereal for dinner tonight. I get into a rebellious mood when the Daddy is away- a mood which mainly manifests itself in putting off the cleaning even more so than I normally do, and opting for slacko meals. No, don't pin it on the patriarchy. I just figure that when he earns all the dosh for the household, the least I can do is provide a square meal most nights. Because, by reason of a fair division of labour, meals are my job. However, when he deserts us has to work away I feel like closing the kitchen and going on strike. Mostly my meal rebellion is easy heat-up-in-the-oven food but I'm becoming interested in expanding my horizons!

Earlier Caitlin talked me into buying sausages for curried sausages (one of their favourites), with the promise that she'd skin them, but she's not exactly jumping up to do so. There's a whole new blog post topic on 'where I've gone wrong in getting my children involved in sharing domestic chores', which is currently brewing (as it does most holidays) and which I shall leave for another day. Perhaps tomorrow, given the way it is playing loudly on my mind.

We had the Long Overdue dentist appointments this morning, and while noone had cavities (phew) , guess who had the worst plaque (and thereby was the Worst at cleaning.) If you have been reading my whingeings for long enough, you should have picked the eldest. The 14 YEAR OLD. Yes. That's right. Even this new dentist agreed that she couldn't have braces (as has been recommended) with the way she cleans her teeth at the moment. So, $130 to tell me what I already knew in terms of them not being up to scratch with their cleaning, and more appointments to come back to the hygienist for preventive fissure sealing of new molars. (And a lecture and lesson in better teeth cleaning for the teenager. I wonder what I have to do to get him to give her a right royal kick up the backside as well.)

While my children continued to sloth in the house this afternoon, I swanned off for a massage. And, given how tight my muscles are, I've decided to go back more often to see if it will make a difference. It's only money, huh.

Meanwhile a weird sound was emanating from under the bonnet of the Commodore, and upon investigating, even I was able to see that part of the fan belt was almost slipped off a wheel. I will have to call the NRMA (automotive association) in the morning to see if they can slip it back on, and then I will have to book it in to be fixed. Why did it have to do this as soon as my Resident Mechanic slipped out of the country for a week? (Just lucky we have a spare car hanging around at the moment.)

Well, amazingly enough the Eldest has been shamed into skinning sausages, so I guess I will have to forgo the muesli for tonight! Shame that. I was finding the concept of Slacko Mummy kind of .... appealing.

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We eat breakfast for supper often, when SD is away. Usually it's a bowl of Rice Krispies or Cheerios. The 17 yr old usually has leftovers for breakfat- cold pizza, spaghetti, whatever. I just don't see much point in cooking a 3 course meal for people who'd be just as happy with a granola bar and a glass of milk.

And I'm with you on responsibilities. He earns all the money, running the house is my job.

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