Sunday, November 26, 2006


The big picture and the little picture...

"If a government wanted to figure out how best to defend the country, it wouldn’t hold an inquiry into the air force. It would hold an inquiry into … defence. So if a government wanted to figure out how to plan for responsible energy consumption in an age of climate change you’d assume it would hold an inquiry into energy consumption. Instead, the Australian government holds an inquiry into … nuclear energy." newsletter 22/11/06
Yes indeed. It was something that had been bothering me, but I hadn't been able to put my finger on it. Just one more current political.. issue.. that leaves me staggered.


Ah, but, you didn't think you'd be reading political comment here did you. It's another side of me that I haven't given much airing to on here. Usually I'm too mired in the everyday trivial stuff, but I actually do have a reasonably active political conscience, even if I'm not so good at expressing myself in that department, or doing anything constructive about it. Amongst the blogging and reading of blogs, I do spend some time reading the papers (online, and on Saturdays the old-fashioned way.) And I am cheered by the intelligent blogging emanating from the States.. it is hard not to lose hope when they put Bush in as President .. (and Australia has continued to put the morally bankrupt Howard in as prime minister.) Sometimes lately it is tempting to do the proverbial ostrich.. but I can't let myself lose touch with the bigger picture. Expect more quotes.


However. The little picture. Today has been a lazy day. Biiig sleep in. Couple of loads of washing, which I am keeping an eye on because of some ominous clouds building up. Drove Caitlin to a friend's place (she'd have to have a school friend who lives just about in Coffs and not round the corner...)

I've caught up with the washing up. (What an admission that is...)

I've looked at the vacuum cleaner a few times and said to myself "I really should get that out."

I've put the cricket on the telly because it makes it feel like Marc is home. And it's always good to watch Australia flogging England, no matter what the sport.

Marc is finally online (on Skype).. at the office on a Sunday I gather, because their internet at their apartment is mucking up. However he is 'away'. I am tempted not to wander too far away from the computer, despite the call of the vacuum cleaner, in case we get a chance to chat. Such is my life when he is away.

I am checking the time and wondering when it is appropriate to switch from coffee to a beer.

I have checked the tide times, and I *think* I will take a walk up the beach in a couple of hours.. when it is getting closer to low tide.

I am fighting off a sore throat/cough thing.

I let the younger two go to the park, with money for an icecream at the shop. Got sick of Alison's hang dog face... despite the fact that I was so cranky with the state of their bedroom yesterday - discovered when she was already at a birthday party. She says it is cleaned up, but I didn't even have the energy to go up and inspect.

I *could* start thinking about Christmas plans!

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