Monday, November 27, 2006



I don't know if that's a peculiarly Australian saying.... meaning absolutely cheesed off, mad, cranky, etc etc etc....


I just went to get into my swimmers for my swimming squad. Umm.. where are they? Ah, that's right, I threw them in the car on Saturday when we went to that BBQ.. there was a pool there, and I thought if the adults went in I'd feel like a party pooper if I didn't. Rash shirt, and swimmers got thrown into the car... The girls threw in their stuff as well... loose.. but threw everything into a bag to take in. I could have sworn I left my swimmers in the car, as they were a bit damp.

However, they are (now) not in that bag (with the rash shirt, and sunscreen), and they are not in the car. The friends who we visited aren't home (contacted S. on her mobile; she hadn't seen it, but it could have been picked up and thrown in with their stuff... she will check when she gets home.)

Too late for my swimming. Which I missed last week because of the gyno appointment. And another couple of weeks because of returning from our bike trips.

I have no other swimming costume.... Arrrgggghhhhh!!!



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